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Project Closeout Process

Project Closeout Process

  • All Engineering project plansets are to be located here: Dropbox (Harvey's P&H)\Engineering\Jobs\“Job Name”\Plansets 

  • Upon printing a “final” engineering planset, it is the Engineering Team’s responsibility to copy this document to the All Employees\Job\Planset folder: Dropbox (Harvey's P&H)\All Employees\Jobs\202x Jobs\“Contractor Name”\“Job Name”\Planset 

    • A “final” planset includes any major point of completion where the drawings are to be used by people outside the Engineering Department 

      • Examples Include: Pricing/Bid Sets, 100% Sets, etc. 

  • After dropping a document in the All Employees\Job folder, it is the Engineering Team’s responsibility to email Josh ( to let him know there is an updated Planset 

    • Josh will archive any outdated drawings 

    • Josh will upload the new drawings to Procore 

    • Josh will send out an email to the relevant project team members letting them know a new planset has been posted and provide a brief summary of what has changed 

  • In addition to the PDF drawings, the Engineering Team shall also publish a Revizto model 

  • The Engineering Team shall also copy the Engineering\Equipment folder to the All Employees\Job\Equipment folder 

    • Before copying, confirm that all relevant information is present and up to date 

    • Only copy spec sheets, do not include installation manuals or data booklets 

  • For Pricing/Bid Sets, the Engineering Team shall export the Take-Off Schedules for HVAC, Hydronics, & Plumbing 

    • Provide a separate excel spreadsheet for each discipline, with multiple tabs for different sub-disciple 

      • I.E. Plumbing spreadsheet that contains DWV Piping, DWV Fittings, Domestic Water & Gas Piping, Domestic Water & Gas Fittings tabs 

    • These shall be located in the Engineering\Job\Estimating folder 

    • These are to be copied to the All Employees\Job\Equipment\Bid Takeoffs folder