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Lahiru Silva


Lahiru Silva is a Project Management Professional/Consultant/Productivity Analyst with 15 years of extensive experience in the building and civil construction industry across Canada, the USA, and Sri Lanka. My career has been primarily focused on a diverse range of projects in sectors including energy, commercial, industrial, as well as civil and building infrastructure.

I take pride in my role as a focused, dedicated, and highly motivated professional, and I have a proven track record in the realms of project management and construction productivity enhancement. My commitment to the pursuit of continuous process improvement and the cultivation of best practices has consistently contributed to the success of organizations I've been a part of. This dedication has been exemplified through my involvement in a multitude of projects spanning various industries, including oil and gas, municipal infrastructure, and development.

My active membership in esteemed organizations like the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) underscores my commitment to professional excellence. Furthermore, I actively engage with industry-affiliated groups such as the COAA (Project Productivity Committee) and PMI-SAC (VP Professional Development and Outreach Program). These affiliations serve as a testament to my unwavering dedication to ongoing professional development, both for myself and for the benefit of the organizations I collaborate with.

Contact Information

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
Phone: (403) 589-0432
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