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Amy Lewis


Dr. Lewis is an Assistant Professor of construction engineering at Oklahoma State University (OSU). She has been involved in the construction industry for thirty years. After graduating with a BS in Construction Management in 1991 from Oklahoma State University, she worked for Brown & Root for ten years focusing primarily on refining and petrochemical projects. In 2006, Amy completed her master’s degree at Texas State University. For the next 6 years Amy worked in business development for the AEC industry in the central Texas area. After working as a scheduling consultant for five years in the Texas and west coast markets, Amy returned to Stillwater, Oklahoma to work at Long Range Facilities Planning as a project manager.

After working in the construction business for more than three decades, Dr. Lewis was curious as to why the industry was not recruiting and retaining more women. This curiosity led to launching her research focusing on the obstacles women face in non-traditional careers and what the construction industry can do to increase the inclusion of women and other minorities. After completing her Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Amy joined the Construction Engineering Technology Program as an Assistant Professor in January 2021.

Contact Information

Oklahoma State University
Phone: (405) 777-6362
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