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Add a New Project (Brick by Brick)


To create a new Brick by Brick project in Procore. This process should take only 3-5 minutes per project!


  1. Create a folder on your desktop with this Brick by Brick Project Set file. You will use the contents for each project set up. 
  2. Navigate to your company's Portfolio tool.
    The Portfolio page appears.
  3. Click Create a Project
    This launches the Project Creation Assistant.
  4. Continue with General Information

Add General Information

  1. Under General Information, do the following:
    • Project Template:  Choose the Brick by Brick Project Template from the drop-down list. 
    • Project Name: Enter the project name.
      Note: This should follow the naming convention you have established for Brick by Brick games (i.e. ACE Hawaii-Surf School-October-Team 1). The project name appears as a selection in the Select a Project drop-down menu in Procore's top navigation bar.
    • Project Photo: Click to upload and select team number image. 
    • Leave the other fields BLANK.
  2. Under Account and Contact, do the following:
    • Leave these fields BLANK
  3. Under Advanced, do the following: 
    • Leave these fields BLANK
    • Active Project? Place a checkmark in this box to classify the project as Active. After game play is complete, clear the checkmark from the box to classify it as Inactive.
  4. Click Create Project.
  5. Click Continue Project Setup



  1. Click the Select dropdown and click Brick by Brick Construction. This adds the Project Manager and the Superintendent to your project.
  2. Click Next.

Upload Drawings

  1. Do the following:
  2. Type Set Name: Procore HQ 
  3. Set Date: N/A
  4. Default Drawing Date: N/A
  5. Default Received Date: N/A
  6. Click Next.
    The system processes the drawings in the background.
    Note: You do NOT need to wait for the upload to complete. When finished, the system sends you an automated email notification with the subject line, "Drawing Upload Complete." To learn how to review and publish your drawings, see Review Drawings and then Publish Drawings.

Upload Budget

  1. Navigate to the project's Budget tool.
  2. In the Import Budget CSV area click the Choose File text link and select the Brick by Brick budget.csv file (from your Brick by Brick Project Set Up folder)

    Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 1.17.51 PM.png

  3. Check the import and verify that all items of your budget were properly imported.
  4. Once you are satisfied with your budget, click the Lock Budget button to lock down your budget.

Review Drawings

  1. Navigate to the project's Drawings tool.
  2. Select Click here to review.
  3. Select Confirm and go to review.
  4. Select Confirm All.
  5. Select Publish
  6. Click the "Configure Settings" Gear Icon clipboard_e37172bd2b26df9f0db8ff069bda084ba.png
  7. Adjust the Drawing Disciplines so that the Architectural Drawings are on the bottom of the list.  The order should be "General" first, "Structural" second, "Architectural" third. Hover over the three horizontal lines to the left of the Discipline and drag and drop to reorder.clipboard_eea97ae004f43dde291eaaed24d349a0a.png
  8. YOU'RE DONE!!!!


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