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Brick by Brick


The following information is designed to provide you with all of the instructions and content to successfully facilitate Brick by Brick, the construction game created and produced by Procore.

completed project.png

Facilitator Training Resources  

Brick by Brick Game Demo Brick by Brick Game Demo
Brick by Brick Facilitator Training Course
Facilitator Quick Review Sheet BrickbyBrickFacilitatorQuickReview.pdf
Procore Virtual Training

Game Material 

Project Set Up  
Add a New Project  Add a New Project (Brick by Brick)
Brick by Brick Project Set Up Folder Brick by Brick Project Set
3D Model


Game Set Up  
Game Set Up Checklist Game Set Up Checklist (Brick by Brick)
Game Clock
Game Facilitator Presentation
Game Facilitator Presentation Script Brick by Brick Presentation Script
Game Piece Audit Spreadsheet Brick by Brick pieces.xlsx
Brick by Brick Vocabulary List Vocab List


Instruction Booklets  
Game Facilitator Facilitator.pdf
Project Manager PM.pdf
Superintendent  Super.pdf
Laborer / Tradesperson Laborer.pdf


Game Materials  
Cards - Project Management and Field Event Cards.pdf
Progress Check Photo #1 (Day 2) Day 2 Progress.png
Progress Check Photo #2 (Day 4) Day 4 Progress.png
Progress Check Photo #3 (Day 6) Day 6 Progress.png


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