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Interactive Workflow Diagrams

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Workflow_ Budget-new.pngSet up a Budget Create a Budget Line Item Import a Budget CSV Edit a Budget Unlock a Budget Lock a Budget Create a Budget Snapshot Create a Custom Budget Report Create a Prime Contract's SOV from the Budget Add a Partial Budget Line Item Add a Partial Budget Line Item Delete a Budget Line Item Create a Budget Modification Delete a Budget Line Item

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Change Events

1-Tier Change Orders

2-Tier Prime Contract Change Orders

3-Tier Prime Contract Change Orders


Coordination Issues

ci-workflow-updated.pngDownload the Procore Plug-In for Coordination Issues Associate a Model with a Procore Project Create a Coordination Issue Save Archive of Coordination Issues View a Coordination Issue Search and Filter Edit a Coordination Issue Delete a Coordination Issue Export a List of Coordination Issues Mark a Coordination Issue as Complete Elevate to RFI Reopen a Coordination Issue Close a Coordination Issue


Workflow-Commitments.pngConfigure Advanced Settings: Commitments Create a Commitment Create a Commitment with DocuSign Create a Purchase Order Create a Subcontract Edit Advanced Settings Subtab in Commitments Create Schedule of Values Email a Commitment Approve and Sign a Commitment Contract Create a Requisition for Release of Retention Add Payments Issued Send a Commitment to ERP Integrations for Accounting Acceptance

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Daily Log

Daily Log Workflow

Workflow_ Daily Log - Phase 3 (1).pngmark-as-complete export-daily-log add-related-items email-daily-log delete-daily-log-item view-daily-log edit-daily-log copy-daily-log create add-a-photo configure

Collaborator Daily Log Workflow

Workflow- Collaborator Daily Logs - Phase 3 (2).pngGrant Collaborators Granular Permissions Add Daily Log Entries as a Collaborator Edit a Daily Log Item Approve Collaborator-submitted Daily Log Entries

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Workflow_ Inspections - Phase 3.pngcreate-company-inspection-template add-template-to-project edit-project-template create-project-template create-inspection add-related-items perform edit close cerate-observation email-inspection export

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Create a Meeting

Create a Meeting Template

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Workflow_ Photos - Phase 3 (1).pngemail photos (inbound) create photo album upload photos take and add photos change album download photos email photos (outbound) delete photos mark album as private star a photo mark a photo as private select project photo

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Prime Contract


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Punch List


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req-invoicecontacts.pngStart a New Billing Period Create a Requisition on Behalf of a Subcontractor Create a Requisition on Behalf of a Subcontractor Create Requisition Invoice Contacts Create Requisition Invoice Contacts Send Requisition Emails Submit a Requisition as a Subcontractor

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Timesheets Workflow (5).pngCreate a Crew Add a Worker Configure Advanced Settings: Timesheets Add a Person to the Directory Create a Timesheet Copy Previous Timesheet Bulk Enter Time View a Timesheet Edit a Timesheet Add Employees to a Timesheet Add Quantities to a Timesheet Delete Quantities on a Timesheet Delete a Timesheet Sign a Timesheet (Mobile) Approve a Timesheet Unapprove a Timesheet Set Up a Labor Budget to Actual Report Import Budgeted Production Quantities View a Field Production Report

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