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Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.6.3 (3/28/2016)
  1. Fixed an issue where comment box didn’t appear when making changes to files from Office 2013 and newer
  2. Changes were not properly tracked
  3. Project dropdown is now listed in alphabetical order
  4. Fixed an issue with incorrect versioning if cache became stale
  5. Fixed an issue with some files causing Drive to stop working when they were dragged and dropped
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.6.2 (3/26/2016)
  1. Fixed an issue where the most recently cached file was always opened, even if it was stale.
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.6.1 (3/24/2016)
  1. Bug fixes
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.6.0 (3/23/2016)
  1. Framework maintenance
  2. Enhanced upload/download progress bar
  3. Bug fixes
Updated Procore Drive to Version 1.5.2 (2/2/2016)
  1. Bug fixes
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