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Determine Proper OAuth 2.0 Authorization Grant Type
Procore offers the OAuth 2.0 protocol for accessing the Procore API. All API requests require an OAuth 2.0 access token. If you intend to publish your application on the Procore App Marketplace you must implement an OAuth 2.0 solution. Examine the resources listed below to help you determine which OAuth 2.0 grant type is appropriate for your integration.



Build, Test, and Iterate in a Development Sandbox
As a registered developer with Procore you have access to a sandbox environment in which can build and test your integration. Development sandboxes come pre-seeded with company and project level test data that you can expand upon to aid you in your development and test activities. A development sandbox provides an isolated environment in which you can experiment and validate your application without the risk of affecting production data.



Make Sample Calls Using Postman
Postman is a very popular and capable platform for working with and testing REST APIs. While you are in the exploratory stage with the Procore API, we recommend Postman as a platform for familiarizing yourself with the various endpoints exposed through the API. Postman is a feature-rich application that can run as a Chrome app or natively in Windows or Mac OSX.



Prepare User Documentation
Once you have finished building your application/integration and are ready to launch it in the Procore App Marketplace you must first be ready to provide basic end user documentation about your product. To help drive successful adoption of your product, it's critical that your end users can quickly and easily find the appropriate self-help resources that they need to set up and use your product in/with the Procore platform.

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