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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Photos tool.

Recent Changes

Redesigned Photos Exports to PDF (4/13/2017)

Redesigned PDF exports from the Photos tool. There are now four (4) options when exporting photos. For details, see Export Photos as a PDF.

Added Sorting to the Location Filter Drop-Down (4/6/2017)

Updated the Photos tool to add sorting to the location filter dropdown in the Photos tool.

PDF Exports Now Respect Applied Sort Order (4/3/2017)

Updated the Photos tool to make the PDF export for all photos and selected photos respect the sort that is in place. 

Added Ability To Set Image As Album Cover (3/23/2017)

Updated the Photos tool to add an option in the image viewer to "Set Image As Cover Photo" for an album. 

Make Comments Searchable in Photos Tool (3/15/2017)

Updated the Photos tool to add the ability to search through comments on the album show page and the timeline view previously posted in the old photos tool. 

Updated Selections In The Locations Drop-Down In The Filter Photos By Menu (1/13/2017)

Updated the 'Filter Photos By' menu in the Photos tool. Now, when a user selects an album from the  'Album' drop-down list, the 'Location' drop-down list only shows the locations that apply to the photos in the selected album, instead of all the available filters. 

All Changes


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