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Remove a Batch of User Accounts from a Project Directory


To use the Bulk Actions > Remove from Project menu in the Users view of the Project Directory.


You can use the Bulk Actions > Remove from Project menu command in the Users view of the Project Directory. This allows you to remove a group of users from a project, so they can no longer gain access to the project. 

Things to Consider




  1. Navigate to the Project level Directory tool.
    This reveals the Project Directory page. 
  2. Click Users
    This reveals your company's list of active users on the project. 
  3. Choose from these options:
    • To remove one user, mark the checkbox next to the desired user name.
    • To remove multiple users, place a mark in each desired checkbox. 
  4. Choose Bulk Actions > Remove from Project.
  5. Click OK to acknowledge the confirmation message.
    A GREEN banner appears to confirm that the select company records were removed from the project. 

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