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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Coordination Issues tool. 

Recent Changes

Added Ability to Delete Issues Associated with RFIs (12/5/2018) 

Updated the Project level Coordination Issues tool to provide users with 'Admin' level permission and issue creators with 'Standard' level permission with the ability to delete issues associated with RFIs. 

Added Shareable Link for 3D Model Change History (12/3/2018) 

Adjusted the URL when the modal is open to allow users to share the Change History of a model. It will append a particular parameter and model id to the URL bar to allow users to copy and share with others. Admins only can view this modal. Read Only users will get to view the list page only.

New Recycle Bin (11/26/2018) 

Added a Recycle Bin to the List page of the Coordination Issues tool.

Coordination Tool Now Available Under Private Beta (8/10/2018)

A new Project level Coordination Issues tool is now available to Procore customers who have implemented Procore's Project Managers product line. For information, see Coordination Issues.

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