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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Coordination Issues tool. 

Recent Changes

You can now import locations from Revit® to your Procore project using the Procore plug-in for Revit®. See Import Locations Using the Procore Plug-In for Revit®.

Link Drawings to an RFI (03/07/2019)

You can now link drawings to an RFI when elevating a coordination issue to a new RFI. See Elevate a Coordination Issue to an RFI.

Unlink a Coordination Issue from an RFI (2/26/2019)

If you elevated a coordination issue to an RFI and need to disassociate it from the RFI that it was linked to, you can now unlink the RFI from the coordination issue. This will remove the connection between the two items and change the status of the coordination issue to "Open." See Edit a Coordination Issue and Elevate a Coordination Issue to an RFI.

Bulk Edit Coordination Issues (2/15/2019)

You can now bulk edit the Location, Assignee, and Due Date fields using the Coordination Issues tool. See Edit a Coordination Issue.

Filter Coordination Issues in the Procore Plug-In (2/13/2019)

You can now filter coordination issues in the Procore plug-in by Created Date, Due Date, Assignee, Location, and Status. See Search for and Filter Coordination Issues.

Elevate a Coordination Issue to an Existing RFI (1/15/2019)  

You can now elevate a coordination issue to an existing RFI from the Coordination Issues tool and the Procore plug-in. You will see options to Create a New RFI or Choose an Existing RFI. This creates a link between the coordination issue and the new or existing RFI. See Elevate a Coordination Issue to an RFI.

All Changes

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