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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the project's Change Events tool.

Recent Changes

Change Event Line Item Revenue ROM Amount (6/14/2019)

Revenue ROM is now a reportable field within the Change Event Line Item Detail reporting option.

Track Potential Revenue Throughout the Change Management Process (5/6/2019) 

Procore has enhanced the ability to track the potential revenue for change events. This includes the addition of a new Revenue ROM field for line items that can be set either to automatically match the most firm cost available, to $0.00 for in-scope changes, or to any manually entered value. These fields will default to the appropriate value based on the scope of the change event. To learn more, see Track Potential Revenue Throughout the Change Management Process.

Updated Change Order Default Amounts (4/11/2019)

Procore has changed where the Change Order line item amount is pulled from when you create a change order line item from a change event line item. Now, the change order line item’s amount will only populate with the Request for Quote (RFQ) value if the RFQ has a status of “Closed” or “Pending Final Approval.” If the RFQ is not present or has a different status, the change order line item’s value will populate with the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM). Learn more about RFQ statuses and their effect on change order default values at What Are the Different RFQ Statuses and How Do They Affect Latest Cost and Change Order Amounts?.

Revenue ROM Beta Update (3/28/2019) 

The Cost Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) can now be edited inline in the Detail tab of the project's Change Events tool. Note: If Revenue ROM is set to 'Automatically Use Latest Cost', the system will automatically update Cost ROM. This update only affects participants in the Beta Program. 

All Changes

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