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This page lists the notable changes for the Project level Admin tool in 2017.

Removed From Project Admin Tool 'Tab Configuration' Links For Specific Tools (6/28/2017)

Updated the Project Admin tool to remove the Daily Log, Photos, Meetings, and Schedules tool configuration links. These tools can still be configured via the individual tool configuration page.

Updated Australian (en-AU) Dictionary to Accommodate for Requisitions (5/9/2017)

Added change order translations on the requisitions sub experience create page, edit page, and detail page to the Australian (en-AU) dictionary.

CSV Export Of Locations Now Alphabetical (4/12/2017)

Updated the project's Admin tool so that now, the CSV exports for Locations are exported in alphabetical order.

Rearrange Tools in the Project Toolbox for the New Navigational Menu (4/4/2017)

Users can rearrange tools that appear in the new navigational menu's Project Toolbox. For details, see Rearrange the Tools in the Project Toolbox

Hide Schedule Fields In Project Admin When Schedule Tool Disabled (3/20/2017)

Updated the project's Admin tool so that when the project's Schedule tool is disabled, the Actual Start Date and Projected Finish Date are editable date fields. When the Schedule tool is enabled on a project, the Actual Start Date & Project Finish Date pull from the Schedule tool and each date can be edited by placing a checkmark in the corresponding Override Imported Schedule Date checkboxes. 

Cosmetic Improvements To Locations Drop-Down Throughout Procore (1/24/2017)

Updated Procore to deploy minor cosmetic improvements to the 'Locations' drop-down list that appears in a variety of Procore tools (i.e., Commitments, Custom Tools, Daily Log, Inspections, Prime Contract, Punch List, RFIs, and Submittals). The Locations drop-down list provides users with the ability to specify locations and sublocations from the Admin tool's Location Manager. See Add Tiered Locations to a Project.