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Add a Payments Beneficiary Approver as a Payor

 General Availability in Select Markets (United States)
flag-us.png Procore Pay icon-external-link.png with payments powered by Goldman Sachs Transaction Banking (TxB)* is available in the United States. It is designed for General Contractors and Owner-Builders who act as their own General Contractors on a job. Procore Pay extends the Invoice Management icon-external-link.png functionality in the Procore web application to handle the payment process between general and specialty contractors.


To add one or more Payments Beneficiary Approvers to the Company level Payments tool as a Payments Admin


In Procore Pay, a Payments Beneficiary Approver is a user who has been granted permission to approve and manage beneficiary accounts in the Company level Payments tool. Approving a beneficiary account provides payees with the ability to receive payments. 

Things to Consider


To be added as a Payments Beneficiary Approver:


  1. Navigate to the Company level Payments tool.
  2. Click the Payments Settings icon-settings-gear-android.png icon. 
    This opens the Payment Settings page. The External Bank Accounts page is active by default. 
  3. Click the Payment Processing tab. 
    This is the active tab by default. 
  4. Click Payments Permissions
  5. Scroll to Payments Beneficiary Approvers.
  6. Click Add Approvers.
    This opens the Add Beneficiary Approvers window. 
  7. In the Add Beneficiary Approvers window, add one (1) or more employees from your company as follows:
    Which users are available in the Search People list? Any Procore user account marked as an employee of your company in the Company level Directory tool. Payment Beneficiary Approvers must be employees of your company. See How do I add someone as an employee of my company?
    • Start typing the user's name in the Search People list. 
    • Select the matching user from the drop-down list.
  8. Click Continue
  9. Review the names in the Payments Beneficiary Approvers list. 
  10. Click Add Approver
    A GREEN banner indicates the action was successful. Procore also logs the 'User added as Approver' action in the Change History. 

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