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Things to Know about the Project Financials + Viewpoint® Spectrum® Connector


Each of Procore's available ERP connectors perform the basic function of syncing data between the ERP system and Procore, usually in the same way as other connectors. However, each connector has a unique set of items it can sync, and the way those items are synced will vary based on how that ERP system and its corresponding integration are built to function. 

Viewpoint® Spectrum®, like all ERP integrations, has some key considerations, limitations, and things to know about how each Procore object is synced. Those considerations, limitations, and things to know are outlined in the table below according to tool or item being synced.

Things to know about the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Connector

Procore Item or Setting

Considerations, Limitations, and Requirements

configuration settings & sync schedule

  • Limitations
    • The integration is limited to (1) Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® Company File per (1) Procore site.  (A separate Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® company file for each project is NOT supported.)
    • This integration does NOT support the following items:
      • Commitment Imports
        You cannot import commitments from Viewpoint® Spectrum® into Procore.
      • Multiple Standard Cost Code Lists
        Although Viewpoint® Spectrum® supports multiple Standard Cost Code lists, the Integration by Procore requires you to choose one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® Cost Code list per integration. 
      • Sub Jobs
        The sub job feature is NOT supported with this integration. Sub jobs are always disabled in Procore projects that integrate with Viewpoint® Spectrum®. While both Jobs and Master Jobs can be imported into Procore, each must run as a separate and unique project in Procore.
      • Multiple Viewpoint® Spectrum® Companies
        For each Procore company account, the integration is designed to support one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® company.
      • Viewpoint® Spectrum® Purchase Order Module
        While you can create purchase orders in Procore, purchase orders are exported to Viewpoint® Spectrum® as subcontracts. Procore purchase orders do NOT integrate with the Viewpoint® Spectrum® purchase order module. 
  • Data from these Procore tools and items do NOT sync with Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®:
    • Commitment Invoices and Payments
    • Prime Contract Invoices and Payments
    • Timecards/Timesheets 
  • Additional Configuration Settings 
    • In the ERP Integrations tool's Configure Settings area, under 'Connection Settings' you can update the following Integration by Procore settings:
      • Service URL. Enter the URL for the Integration by Procore Microservice. 
      • Service User. Enter the user name for the Integration by Procore Microservice.
      • Edit Credentials. Click this link to reveal the Service Password box. Enter the new password for your Integration by Procore Microservice Account here or click Cancel to keep the current password. 
      • Status. Shows the current status of the service connection. The statuses are 'Connected' and 'Not Connected.' 
  • Additional Information

    • Connect Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendor Records to Procore Company Records in the Directory tool. 
    • Import new Viewpoint® Spectrum® jobs to create Procore projects.
    • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® project phases and cost types to Procore. 
    • Export commitments (i.e., purchase orders and subcontracts) created in Procore's Commitments tool to create subcontracts in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
    • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® Original Estimate/Budget with Procore.
    • Sync Viewpoint® Spectrum® job costing information to Procore. 
    • Import one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® Prime Contract to one (1) Procore project. 
    • Export Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs) to Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • IMPORTABLE DATA: The automatic background sync schedule is configurable in the ERP Integrations Tool settings.  Never, Daily, Every 4 hours, Every 2 hours or hourly to stage Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® importable data (Standard cost codes, project cost codes and cost types, jobs, budgets, prime contracts, vendors and cost).
    • On demand syncs may also be initiated within the Procore ERP Integrations Tool for importable Standard Cost Codes and Cost Types, Project Cost Codes and Cost Types, Jobs, Vendors and Job Costs.
  • EXPORTABLE DATA: All exportable information (Jobs, vendors, budgets, commitments, commitment change orders, and prime contract change orders) must be approved/accepted by an Accounting Approver, who are the only users that may initiate the export from Procore to Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 

work breakdown structure (wbs)

  • Considerations

    • When the Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® integration is configured, a new company level cost code list will be generated for use with the integration called "Spectrum Standard Cost Codes".  
      • When the connector is activated, Procore will sync phases from your Spectrum|Job Cost|Phase Category code into the Procore Standard Phases list "Spectrum Standard Cost Codes".
      • Projects in Procore must be associated with the Spectrum Standard Cost Codes list in order to be exported to Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
      • Jobs that are imported from Viewpoint® Spectrum®  will automatically be associated with the Spectrum Standard Cost Codes list.
  • Limitations

    • Sub Jobs are NOT supported.
    • Custom WBS segments are NOT supported.


  • Considerations
    • Companies in the Procore Directory can be synced with Vendors in Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® in (3) different ways: 
      • Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendors can be imported to Procore to create a new Company in the Procore Directory.
      • Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendors can be linked to an existing Company in the Procore Directory during import.
      • Companies in the Procore Directory can be exported to Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® to create a new Vendor in Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • Additional Information
    • There is a setting that can be enabled to allow adjustments made to the Vendor (name, address, phone, and fax numbers) in Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® to automatically update the associated synced Company information in the Procore directory during the next Vendor refresh. The setting may be disabled if preferred.
      • Changes made to a Company in Procore will NOT update the synced Vendor in Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
    • The Company in the Procore Directory must be synced with a Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendor before a Commitment associated with that Company in Procore may be exported to Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • Limitations
    • Companies in the Procore Directory can not be exported to Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® as AR Customers.
    • Linking an existing Procore Company with an existing Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum® Vendor can not be completed by exporting the company to Procore Viewpoint® Spectrum®. Linking the (2) existing records together must be done via the Ready to Import filter, using the Link to Existing company/Show Suggested Procore Matches options. 


  • Considerations

    • Projects that are in-progress or created before connection of the integration cannot be synced. Professional Services for assistance with integrating in-progress/pre-existing project records are available for an additional fee.

  • Prerequisites

    • You must have a template job set up in Viewpoint® Spectrum®. The template job supplies the Division, Cost Center, Customer, Taxable Flag, and Price Method Code for the Procore project that is exported to Viewpoint® Spectrum®.

  • Project Export Requirements

    • All cost codes must have at least one (1) cost type  assignment before the Procore project can be exported to create a new Job in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.

    • If your cost codes already have cost type assignments, your company has already configured the cost type assignments for your cost codes.

    • When entering your project data, be aware of the following requirements:

      • Project Name. Enter a name for the construction project. When the ERP Integrations tool is enabled for Viewpoint® Spectrum®, the Project Name is limited to a maximum of twenty five (25) characters in length.

  • Additional Information

    • Before you can sync data project data between the two (2) systems, your Procore point of contact must enable the 'Can Push to Accounting' privilege for your company's accounting approvers. This gives users with 'Standard' level permissions to the ERP Integrations tool permission to accept or reject the data that is synced between Procore and Viewpoint® Spectrum®.


  • Prerequisites for Export from Procore
    • Add the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Job to Procore.
    • Create the Project Budget
    • The budget must be locked in order to Send to ERP.
    • All the project's cost codes and cost types have been synced with Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • Restrictions
    After exporting a Procore budget to Viewpoint® Spectrum®, the following restrictions are in place:
    • You no longer will be permitted to import Viewpoint® Spectrum® budget into Procore.
    • The ability to unlock the Procore budget, resend data to Viewpoint® Spectrum®, add budget line items, and create budget modifications will be disabled until the export from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum® is complete.
  • Limitations
    • The Procore + Viewpoint® Spectrum® does NOT sync 'Unit of Measure (UOM)' and 'Unit Qty' values between systems. Currently, the Budget sync is amount-based only. This means you must manually enter the units in both Procore and in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.


  • Prerequisites
    • The budget must be synced and also locked.
  • Additional Information
    • Budget Changes only sync from Procore to Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
    • Budget Changes will create a Change Request in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.


  • Prerequisites
    Before you can send a commitment to the ERP Integrations tool, it must satisfy these prerequisites:
    • Contract Company. Must be linked to a synced Viewpoint® Spectrum® vendor. 
    • Status. The status must be set to 'Approved' or 'Complete.'
    • Schedule of Values (SOV). Must include at least one (1) line item, and all line items must contain Viewpoint® Spectrum® cost codes. All Schedule of Values (SOV) line items must be tied to the same Cost Type.
  • Additional Information
    • If desired, you can configure your ERP Integration default settings to use your Procore Commitment Number as the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Commitment ID during exporting. If enabled, the Viewpoint® Spectrum® ID will auto-populate with the Procore Contract Number, however, the value can still be edited (Note: Enabling this setting requires 'Admin' level permission on the ERP Integrations tool.) 
  • Limitations
    • To sync a commitment, all Schedule of Values (SOV) line items must be tied to a cost codes and category from your ERP-synced lists of Standard Cost Codes and Cost Types.
    • Commitments synced to Viewpoint® Spectrum® will NOT contain details regarding tax codes. 
    • After the commitments on a project have been synced with a company's Viewpoint® Spectrum® system, Procore automatically restricts your ability to edit synced fields on a commitment. This is to ensure that the data remains in sync on both systems. The following fields cannot be edited after the commitment has been synced :

      • Contract Company
      • Status
      • Schedule of Values (SOV) sub tab (all fields)
    • If you need to delete a commitment after its been synced with your Viewpoint® Spectrum®, you must first disconnect the link that exists between the two records in each system.
    • Once deleted, the commitment's data is permanently removed from Procore and cannot be retrieved.


  • Minimum Requirements
    In order to send a CCO to ERP, the CCO must satisfy these requirements:
    • Contract Company. Must be linked to a Viewpoint® Spectrum® vendor.
    • Status. Must be 'Approved.' 
    • Schedule of Values (SOV). Must include at least one (1) line item with a Viewpoint® Spectrum® Cost Code. All Schedule of Value (SOV) line items must be tied to the same Cost Type.
  • Additional Information
    • During exporting, you are prompted to fill out the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Change Request ID.  Commitment Change Orders export to Viewpoint® Spectrum® and create a Change Request ID.
    • If desired, you can configure your ERP Integration default settings to use your Procore Commitment Change Order Number as the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Change Request ID during exporting. If enabled, the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Change Request ID will auto-populate with the Procore Commitment Change Order Number, however, the value can still be edited (Note: Enabling this setting requires 'Admin' level permission on the ERP Integrations tool.) 
  • Limitations
    • Procore does not permit users to delete synced commitments, so you must first unlink the records in the two systems to allow for deletion.
    • You cannot delete an 'Approved' change order. The status must be adjusted prior to deletion.
    • After a synced CCO is unlinked and deleted, the data is permanently removed from the system and cannot be restored.


  • Prerequisites
    The instructions below assume the following:
    • The Company level ERP Integrations tool has been configured to work with your company's Procore account. 
    • The Viewpoint® Spectrum® prime contract that you want to sync with Procore has been updated. For example, you've added one or more SOV Line items to the contract in Viewpoint® Spectrum®.
  • Additional Information
    The Re-Import button is grayed out and unavailable when:
    • The prime contact has already been synced and there are no new un-synced line items.
  • Limitations
    • Unit Pricing Prime Contracts are not supported.
    • You should only Import one (1) Viewpoint® Spectrum® Prime Contract to one (1) Procore project as having multiple synced Prime Contracts will cause issues during PCCO exporting.


  • Prerequisites
    • The company account must be integrated with Viewpoint® Spectrum®. 
    • The Prime Contract tool must be an active tab on the project. 
    • The PCCO must be sent to the ERP Integrations tool. 
    • If any changes have been made to the Prime Contract in Viewpoint® Spectrum®, ensure that those changes are synced to Procore Prior to creating and exporting your PCCO. 
    • Create or update the PCCO in Procore.
    • Before you can send a PCCO to the ERP Integrations tool, it must also satisfy these prerequisites:
      • Title. Must be 255 characters or less.
      • Status. Must be in the Approved status.
  • Limitations
    • Unit Pricing PCCOs are not supported.
  • Additional Information
    • During exporting, you are prompted to fill out the Viewpoint® Spectrum® Change Request ID. 


  • Requirements
    • Enable the following Project Tool:
      • Budget Tool. 
  • Additional Information
    • Job To Date Cost will display as a summary total only.


  • Requirements
    • Enable the following Project Tool:
      • Budget Tool. 
    • The ability to export Forecasting is enabled on a Project by Project basis within the Projects Budget Settings.
  • Forecasting export will write the 'Estimated Cost at Completion' values from a Procore budget to Viewpoint® Spectrum® Projected Cost.