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NetSuite® Connector: Setup Guide

Welcome to the NetSuite® Setup Guide

On these pages, we will walk through a number of key things to know as you prepare for and complete your implementation of the NetSuite® integration.

If you have questions, be sure to direct them to your Integration Implementation Specialist or your Procore point of contact.

The navigation menu to the left will walk you through each of the key things to know and will highlight action items required of you. 

Planning Your Integration Implementation


After purchasing the NetSuite® integration, this phase includes:

  1. Receive the Welcome Email & Schedule Kick-Off Call
    Procore assigns your account to a Integration Implementation Specialist, who sends a Welcome Email to your company's designated ERP Implementation Contact. The email contains a selection of dates/time for scheduling your Kick-Off call. Please reply back to either confirm or suggest a time that works for the required members on your team. 


After scheduling your company's Kick-Off call, this phase includes:

  1. Procore + NetSuite® Kick-Off Call
    Approximately 60 Minutes

    Procore conducts a Kick-Off Call with your company's ERP Implementation Contact and designated stakeholders (i.e., typically this your company's Procore Administrator, NetSuite® Administrator, and IT Administrator). The goals of this call are to:
    • Discuss your Procore + NetSuite® implementation plan.
    • Provide your attendees with an overview of the Procore + NetSuite® integration.
    • Coordinate any follow-up tasks related to your implementation plan.
    • Schedule your Go-Live Call.
  2. Procore + NetSuite® Go-Live Call
    Approximately 60-90 Minutes

    Procore conducts a Go-Live call with your company's ERP Implementation Contact and designated stakeholders. The goal of this call is to ensure the completion of these tasks:
    • Review the ERP Integrations tool's configuration settings.
    • Provide an overview of each tab in the ERP Integrations tool.
  3. Getting Started with Procore + NetSuite®
    After the implementation is complete, you can begin using the integration. You can also contact to your Procore Integration Implementation Specialist for the next 30 days.

Accounting Approver Role

When your integration is activated, your organization will gain access to a new tool in Procore: the ERP Integrations Tool. In this tool, you will manage the flow of information between Procore and NetSuite®. 

Using this tool to manage integrated data will be the most significant difference between Procore with and without the NetSuite® Connector. You will have to provide your Integration Implementation Specialist with a list of the users who will have access to this tool, called accounting approvers, and the specific integration features that each user should manage (e.g., one accounting approver may be allowed to send commitments and invoices to ERP, and another may be allowed to only send commitments).

In addition to the accounting approvers, you may also choose to give users at your organization access to the ERP Integrations tool in a view-only capacity.