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ERP DMSA App Installation Guide


To install a custom ERP application in your company's Procore instance that will automatically create a Directory Managed Service Account (DMSA) for your Procore-built ERP integration. To learn more about how DMSAs work, see What is a Developer Managed Service Account?


When you're working with Procore to implement an ERP integration, your implementation specialist might guide you to install a custom app in your company's Procore account that will create a DMSA through which the integration can manage the flow of data. Not all integration implementations will require this step. 

Do NOT take the actions described in this article unless your integration implementation specialist has explicitly advised you to do so.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permissions:
    • 'Admin' level permissions on the company's Directory tool.


  • Wait for your integration implementation specialist to direct you to take these steps.


  1. Log in to your Procore account.

  2. Select App Management from the Apps menu in the toolbar.


  3. Choose Install Custom App from the Install App menu.


  4. Enter the App Version ID for your ERP connector type according to the table below, then click Install.

    ERP Integration Type App Version ID
    Sage 300 CRE®


    Sage 100 Contractor® 3f12716f-4737-4c82-953b-27a01e30e813
    Sage Intacct® cb22d63e-2805-4a8d-b690-f45f43340b33
    Viewpoint® Spectrum® d90a5306-b28c-4b5f-96bd-dee055d4c5f0
    QuickBooks® Desktop


    Xero™ ebb7162a-f4a3-4c2e-854e-2c342ac3f4f5
    Viewpoint® Vista™ 1b392637-adcf-48d3-8bf3-a6a37fbc8b43
    Acumatica Cloud ERP 8309975f-648f-4bc5-b90c-82a12dc9638b
    MYOB Advanced Construction a9d2a2eb-0143-4395-af0e-ab8d1a83f891
    CMiC Internal DMSA: 03f51833-6b06-4196-b0fe-a89238d1241d

    External DMSA: 5df6a815-1849-435f-b358-01e4c110128f
    Yardi Voyager® 77d82867-835e-4842-94f1-4a6266983b80
    MRI Platform X® e60e1147-13c8-40f0-a8b0-e3a0f35a074a
    NetSuite® fdd9cff2-f5d2-421c-a85d-ab8afe5a0943
    QuickBooks® Online 76b45f67-5c7f-45fc-84c0-de6e61161484
    Workday® 504b3f0c-8a49-4019-b43f-5d250aee86f5
    ERP Professional Services 61d36a90-62a3-4d49-9cfb-566622ec118d


  5. A window will open to confirm the permissions the app requires to be installed successfully. These permissions have already been configured by Procore, and no modification is required. Click Install to continue.


  6. You may be prompted to 'Add Permitted Projects'. If this window appears during your installation, click Skip.


  7. Installation is complete.

Next Steps

  • Reach out to your integration implementation specialist to let them know this action is complete.