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T&M Tickets: More Flexible Configuration Settings for T&M Tickets Email Notifications

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
  Feature Released: September 15, 2021

More Flexible Configuration Settings for T&M Tickets Email Notifications 

Procore updated the Project level T&M Tickets tool to give users with 'Admin' level permissions the ability to configure the tool's email notification settings with a greater level of granularity. With this update, email notifications can now be sent out when a T&M Ticket has been signed by a company and when a ticket has been closed. Procore also added a Status column to the T&M Email configuration settings to indicate the status for each action, see Configure Advanced Settings: T&M Tickets.


T&M Email configuration now shows the two new fields in the Action column and a new Status column that gives a status for each action. Users can click the 'Reset to defautl' link to enable notifications for all actions. 


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