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(Beta) Project Financials: Modernized Experience for Prime Contracts

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Beta Announced: August 26, 2021 / Beta Released: August 30, 2021 Announcement Updated: November 10, 2021 

(Beta) Project Financials: Modernized Experience for the Prime Contracts Tool

To provide you with a modernized interface and optimizations to improve your ability to create and manage contracts more efficiently, Procore will start releasing a Beta version of a new Prime Contracts experience. The new beta experience will gradually be made available over the coming weeks to companies using Procore's Project Financials tools. Users will also be able to switch between the current experience and the beta experience of the Prime Contracts tool until it is released for general availability. During the beta, you can also provide Procore with your feedback about the experience. 


The modernized experience also lays the groundwork for additional enhancements to the Prime Contracts tool in the future. For this release, the updates include:

  • A new experience for creating, editing, and viewing a prime contract. Procore has redesigned the Prime Contracts tool's user interface to make it easier to create, edit, and view a prime contract and its Schedule of Values (SOV)  A new card layout improves how information is organized and allows you to create and edit contracts more efficiently. You can also expand and collapse sections. The SOV has been moved from its own tab to the General tab and you can choose to update it in wide-screen mode or using the more convenient, narrow-screen view. Procore has also redesigned the attachment controls, to allow you to upload documents from your computer or network and to attach items from other Procore tools.
  • Updated tabbed pages on prime contracts. Procore has also updated the Change Orders, Invoices, Change History, Financial Markup, and Advanced Settings tabs on prime contracts.
  • Compatible with the new custom fields and configurable fieldsets release. The new beta experience is designed to work with Procore's recent custom fields and configurable fieldsets release. To see a list of fields that are now configurable with the Prime Contracts tool, see Which fields in the Prime Contracts tool can be configured as required, optional, or hidden?

The new beta experience will be available to all Procore customers who have purchased Procore's Project Financials tools. This includes companies that are using one of Procore's integrated ERP systems

About the New Beta Experience

How do I opt-in and -out of the Beta experience?

Users will have the option of switching between the existing and beta versions of the Prime Contracts tool until the Beta version is generally available in Procore's production environment.

  • To opt-in to the beta experience: After navigating to the Project level Prime Contracts tool, open any prime contract. At the top of the contract's page, click the Enable Prime Contracts Beta button. 
  • To provide feedback and to return to the existing experience: After navigating to the Project level Prime Contracts tool, open any prime contract. Next, click the Exit Beta button pictured below. If you want to provide Procore with any feedback about the Beta experience, you can also click the Provide Feedback button to open a feedback form where you can type your comments. 

How long will I have access to the previous experience?

Procore will be gradually releasing the new experience to Procore Project Financials customers starting on Monday, August 30 2021. The gradual release is expected to take a few weeks and the beta phase is expected to last several months. The new experience is expected to be released for general availability in 2022. At that time, Procore users will no longer be able to switch back to the previous experience. 

Where Can I go to Learn More?

To learn more about the new beta experience, please read the tutorials marked '(Beta)' on the 'Tutorials' tab of the Prime Contracts tool's landing page. 

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If you would like to ask questions or share any feedback, please contact