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Change Events: New Create and Edit Experience (Beta)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.


Change Events: New Create and Edit Experience

The new create and edit experience will be available in both sandbox and beta in September. Please reach out to your Procore point of contact for access.

Procore has updated the Change Events tool to provide a more flexible and transparent creation and editing process from beginning to end. We've done this by aligning the create and edit pages with the change events view page and allowing users to directly log revenue, cost, and budget impact for each line item as they are created. Previously, users were only allowed to enter a cost ROM upon creation, while revenue values were calculated in the background based on the selected scope. Users will have more control over how line item values are populated with less guesswork and reliance on background automation. 

This update consists of two key features:

  • Decoupling of Scope and Revenue ROM
    • Change Event's scope setting no longer determines how Revenue ROM is populated on change event line items. Instead, Revenue ROM is determined by the 'Line Item Revenue Source' field on the change event.
  • Data table alignment between change event create/edit and view page
    • The change event data table is now consistent between the creation and editing pages of change events and the 'view' page. This allows users to enter more data upon the creation of a change event.


  • Data Table Alignment
    The columns you see when creating and editing a change event are now the same as when viewing a change event. Note: Budget columns only appear when Budget Changes are active on the project.
  • Expecting Revenue Field
    A new field to clearly define whether revenue will be expected from the change event. 
  • Line Item Revenue Source Field
    Choose how Revenue ROM values are populated. 

What will happen to existing change events?

When enabled, the feature will need to recognize which line items are still automated from Change Events settings and which are manual entries. 

In Change Events:

  1. If all Change Event line items follow Latest Cost, pre-fill Expecting Revenue option with 'Yes' and Line Item Revenue Source to 'Match Revenue ROMs to Latest Cost'
  2. If all Change Event line items have '0.00' in Revenue ROM value, pre-fill Expecting Revenue option with 'No' and Line Item Revenue Source to 'All Revenue ROMs will be set to 0'
  3. If every single Change Event line items' Revenue ROM value is a calculation of Unit QTY & Cost (automatic), fill Expecting Revenue with option 'Yes' and then Line Item Revenue Source with 'Quantity x Unit Cost'

If there is a mixed group of how Change Event line items source Revenue ROM, we will create a default pre-fill to govern newly created line items:

  1. Revenue Expected = 'Yes'
  2. Revenue Source = 'Latest Cost'
  3. Rationale: If any revenue on the Change Event line items exist, users will want to see the potential revenue impact for any newly added line item. This is consistent with an aspect of the customer value we’re delivering with this feature to better alert users to the revenue impact of created change events.

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