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Scheduling Integrations


To set up integrations to run at set times.


While integrations can be run directly from the Portal, they are most commonly set to run on a schedule.

Things to Consider

  • You will need permissions in the Dimension Portal to edit the Integration Schedule.


  1. Log into using your Procore credentials.
  2. Navigate to Other -> View Schedule.
  3. Choose "Create".


  1. Give the new schedule a Name.
  2. Choose the integration to run ( or more than  one if you want more than one run together).
  3. Choose "One Time", "Daily", "Weekly" or "Weekday of Month".
    • One time - run just once at the specified time (not often used).
    • Daily - run every day at a specified time.
    • Weekly - run on the specified weekdays at the specified time.
    • Weekday of Month - run on the specified week of the month, for certain months, at a certain time.

A schedule can have any combination of these timings, as shown in the screen below:


  1. When you are done, press "Apply Changes" to activate the changes.

Next Steps

  • The integrations will run on their appointed schedule. If you are set up to receive integration emails, you will be notified when the integrations run.