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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage the integrations?

The integrations are driven from the Dimension Integration Portal at  If you have been given the proper rights, you can log into this site using your Procore credentials. From here you can manually run integrations, test integrations, set up integration schedules, and make configuration changes.

How can I learn how to use the integrations?

Every integration is explained in a "how-to" tutorial video. In addition, from the Dimension Portal you can access the integration specifications, which cover the detailed mappings between the systems.

How can I run an integration without actually sending data between systems?

Every integration can be run in a special mode in which the integration will run, and perform all of its normal validation and mapping logic, but instead of actually writing data, it will simply report about what data it would send.  This is commonly called "Debug Mode", and can be very helpful for testing integrations.

How frequently do the integrations run? The integration schedule is very flexible.

You can set up specific integrations to run on almost any schedule, including hourly, daily, weekly, and more.  Most commonly integrations are set to run at night.

How do I know what the integrations have done?

When integrations run, emails are sent out. These emails summarize what the integration did, reporting on any issues, and listing out anything that was created or updated in Xero or Procore. These emails contain links to the Procore and Xero, which allow you to quickly see the data that was reported on. In addition, you can log into the Dimension Portal website using your Procore credentials. There you can view every integration that was run, and search integration logs.

Why is my Xero Contact not in Procore?

Your contact will only go into Procore if it has been added to the Procore group in Xero. If there are issues with your contact, the Contacts integration may be issuing warnings for your vendor. Search for your vendor in the Portal Review page and see if there are any issues with it. Common issues are:

  • "Procore" group has not been created in Xero.
  • Xero Contact has multiple possible matches in Procore. This can happen when the integration is attempting to add or link a Xero Contact, but there is more than one Procore Vendor with the same or very similar names.
  • Xero Country and Region are not valid. The Country code must be an ISO 3166-1 two or three character code. If a region is set, this region must be valid for that country.
  • Procore Vendor needs to be updated, but is Inactive in Procore. The integration can only update data on Active vendors.

Why is my Procore Project not being linked with Xero?

Common causes for a project not being linked with Xero include:

  • Make sure the project has a Project Number in Procore.
  • Make sure the project Stage is set to "Send to Xero".

How do I stop a project from being integrated?

The nightly integrations will process data for all active projects that are integrated between Procore and Xero. If you no longer wish the integrations to process a project, simply set it as Inactive in Procore.

Does my Project Stage always need to be "Send to Xero"?

No, once a Procore project has been integrated with Xero, you can change the Stage to any value you wish, since the link has been established. Also, you can send a project in any stage if you run the single project integration. This integration only requires that you enter the Project Number from Procore.

Why does the integration complain about my cost code?

Only cost codes set up in the Standard Global Cost Code list as sent into Xero. If your project is using a cost that is not on this standard list, there will not be a Tracking Category Option for this in Xero.

How are taxes handled?

By default, when costs are sent from Procore into Xero, it is assumed that the costs do not include tax. Xero will then calculate and taxes. Similarly, when costs are brought from Xero into Procore, only the cost, not the tax amounts, will be brought into Procore. In practice, your company's integrations may be configured to handle taxes differently. If this is the case, please consult your specific integration documentation on the Dimension Portal.

Why does the integration not send across my commitment?

There could be a number of reasons:

  • Commitment is not in an integrated Project.
  • Commitment is not written to an integrated Vendor.
  • Commitment is not Approved.
  • Commitment is using invalid cost codes.
  • Commitment has no lines.

What if I have a customized integration?

Due to different business needs, some clients will not use the standard integrations described on these pages. If you know that you are one such client, you will have your own documentation about how your integrations vary from the standard integrations described here. That documentation is available from your Dimension Portal pages.