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Remove Duplicate Companies from the Company Directory

This documentation details alpha, beta, and other pre-release software, and its accuracy and reliability is not guaranteed by Procore Technologies, Inc. It is being provided online for internal use and evaluation by authorized Procore Beta Participants only. To determine if your company is a Procore Beta Participant, please contact your Procore Procore point of contact. Procore is not responsible for and expressly disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to this documentation and will not be responsible for any harm, loss, costs, or damages incurred due to its use.




To remove duplicate company records from the Company level Directory tool.


In Procore, a duplicate company record is a record in the Company level Directory tool that is referring to the same business entity (i.e., a supplier, vendor, or subcontractor) as another record in the Company Directory. Not all records containing similar information are duplicates. For example, your company might work with two different plumbing companies in two different cities and both are named, "AAAA Plumbing". Those records are not duplicates because they refer to two different business entities. However, when you have two or more records referring to the same business entity, those records are considered a duplicate. 

EXAMPLE: This is Duplicate Record

You might find one record named "ABC Concrete" and another record named "ABC Concrete, LLC." that is referring to the same business entity located at 222 Wall Street in Santa Barbara, CA. 

EXAMPLE: This NOT a Duplicate Record
You have one company record named "AAAA Plumbing" for a business located in Cape Canaveral, FL. You have another company record for a different business named "AAAA Plumbing" in Grand Rapids, MI. 

Duplicate records can creep into your Company Directory when you have multiple users adding company records on your company's different Project level Directory tools. Because many Procore customers work with a vast number of business entities located across multiple regions, Procore does NOT prevent users from creating duplicate company records at the Project level. However, the presence of duplicate company records can lead unexpected results. For example, if you have two construction projects, but each project has a unique company record that refers to the same business entity, a custom report created at the Company level may not accurately reflect that business entity's activity (unless you specifically configure your report to account for both records). 

To avoid any potential issues like the one described above, it is strongly recommended that you regularly consolidate any duplicate company records in your Procore account’s Company Directory. Regularly checking your Company Directory for duplicates can also help to streamline the process of linking a vendor record in Viewpoint Vista to the appropriate company record in Procore.

It’s important to remember that you only need to remove duplicate company records when you are setting up a new (Viewpoint Vista-integrated) project in your company's Procore account.


There are two different ways to clean-up your Company level Directory by removing duplicate records. 

Merge Duplicate Company Records

If you have two (2) or more duplicate company records or if you have duplicate company records with a large number of people added to the record, Procore recommends following the steps in Merge Companies.

Manually Consolidate Duplicate Company Records

If you have only one set of duplicate records and the record you want to remove only have a few people added to it, you can manually consolidate the records. 

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission: 'Admin' level permission on the company's Directory tool
    Important! You can only manually consolidate companies if there are no commitments that are tied to the specific company record. Once a commitment is tied to a company, the entry must remain active in order to maintain an accurate vendor information. In such cases, the only option is to merge the duplicate company records.
  1. Locate the duplicate company records in your Company Directory. 
  2. Identify which record you want to keep. 
  3. Identify which record you want to remove. 
  4. Do the following on the record you want to remove:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Click the People tab.
    3. Take note of all the people associated with the record. You will manually add them to the record you want to keep.
  5. Do the following on the record you want to keep:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Click the People tab.
    3. Manually add all of the people you took note of in the previous step. 
  6. Do the following on the record you want to remove:
    1. Click Edit.
    2. Click the People tab.
    3. Verify that all of the people been added on the record you want to keep.
    4. Click the General tab.
    5. Change the name of the company by adding  'X' as a prefix to its name (e.g. 'X-CompanyName'). 
    6. Click Deactivate Company