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About the Project Financials + Sage Intacct® Connector


Procore is the only comprehensive cloud-based construction project management platform with an out-of-the-box integration with Sage Intacct®.

Connect your accounting and project management within Procore and provide field teams untethered access to financial data. Eliminate double-entry and give project managers one-click access to accurate job costing information on the construction site. With the Procore + Sage Intacct® integration you can have confidence in your financial data to make the best in-the-field decisions while giving accounting peace of mind as they retain full control over data pushed into accounting.

With the Procore + Sage Intacct® integration, you can:

  • Save time and labor by streamlining the approval process of time-sensitive tasks such as commitments and change orders.
  • Reduce human error by eliminating the need for manual, double-entry when transferring data from Procore to Sage Intacct®.
  • More efficient communication between Accounting and Project Management teams.

Feature Set Map

Exports data from Procore to Sage Intacct® Imports data from Sage Intacct® to Procore 
Sage Intacct®
Standard Cost Type
  erp-green-arrows.png STANDARD COST CODES
Standard Categories
Cost Codes
Cost Types
erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png JOBS
Cost Codes
SUB JOBS erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png SUB JOBS
COMPANIES erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png AP VENDORS
BUDGETS1 erp-orange-arrows.png erp-green-arrows.png ESTIMATE
Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
Commitment Change Orders (CCOs)
erp-orange-arrows.png   PURCHASING
Subcontracts & Purchase Orders
Commitment Change Orders (CCOs)
Committed Costs (Actual)
JTD Cost
  erp-green-arrows.png COSTS
Committed Costs (Invoiced)
JTD Cost
SUBCONTRACTOR INVOICES 2 erp-orange-arrows.png   BILLS
  erp-green-arrows.png BILL PAYMENTS

Includes Budget Modifications.

Not supported in Canada or APAC at this time.

Integration Requirements

  • Prerequisites:
    • Subscribe to Web Services in Sage Intacct®
    • Subscribe to Construction in Sage Intacct®

Supported Features

Procore's current integration with Sage Intacct® includes the following features:

  • Synchronization of Sage Intacct® cost codes, cost types, and job costs between Sage Intacct® and Procore.
  • Create commitments and commitment change orders in Procore where each line item uses Sage Intacct® cost codes and cost types.
  • Export 'Approved' commitments (a.k.a., subcontracts and change orders) and subcontract change orders from Procore to Sage Intacct®.
  • Built-in approval workflows for commitments and commitment change orders where designated accountants can approve/reject them in Procore; approved commitments are pushed directly from Procore to your Sage Intacct® database.
  • Link a Sage Intacct® vendor and ID with a matching company in Procore's Directory tool.
  • Create a vendor in Sage Intacct® by exporting a company record from Procore.
  • Create a new company record in Procore by importing a vendor from Sage Intacct®. Insurance information must be managed and updated in Sage Intacct®
  • Create a new project in Procore by importing a Sage Intacct® job.
  • Create a new job in Sage Intacct® by exporting a Procore project. 
  • Import a Sage Intacct® estimate into the Budget tool on a Procore project. 
  • Import a Sage Intacct® sub job into Procore as a sub job.

Unsupported Features

The following features are not supported at the current time:

  • Integrate an active Procore project (i.e., that was created prior to the Procore account being integrated with Sage Intacct®).
  • Integrated owner invoices and related payments
  • Import commitments from Sage Intacct® to a Procore project.
  • Prime Contract.
  • Owner Change Orders.
  • Non-sectioned cost codes (for example, '1234567' where the first part of the cost code does not denote a division). Similarly, you must also have a standard cost code list. See What are 'Standard Cost Types' in the Admin Tool's 'Cost Types' page?
  • Cost code structures using both a dot (.) and dash (-) delimiter scheme. (for example, 01-20.05).
  • Using a mix of cost code tiers (example two-tier and three-tier cost codes)
  • Non-use of categories. Categories must be enabled and a standard category list must be used.

Common Questions

How often is data exchanged between Procore and Sage Intacct®?
Exports happen instantly upon approval by your organization’s Accounting User(s). Imports happen upon requests which can be made by your Project and Accounting Teams directly within Procore. 

Who can authorize what? 
Within Procore, any exports to Sage Intacct® must be approved by your company's designated accounting approver(s).

Will you be adding additional functionality?
We will continue to evaluate key functionality to include in the integration. What is listed in the above feature map simply denotes the current functionality.

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