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Construction Communications Simplified

NextPort is a platform that enables builders and developers to share real-time construction updates with their clients. Our innovative app improves user experience by keeping owners updated about the most relevant construction progress of their project. By giving owners visibility of what construction tasks are in progress, what has been completed, and what is next in the schedule, your team can stay focused on what you do best - building high-quality projects.



  • NextPort helps you provide real-time construction updates to your customers and partners.
  • Digital solutions for the next generation of homebuyers that improve customer experience.
  • Increase productivity by modernizing and automating your construction schedules & updates.

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Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Requires Company Admin to setup a Procore Service Account
  • Nextport assists with defining tool permissions the Service Account will require.


Installation Instructions

  1. Create Procore Service Account.
  2. Set permissions.
  3. Establish link inside Nextport.

Once everything is setup in NextPort, use the NextPort mobile app to share real-time construction updates, project files, photos on each construction task, schedule meetings, and obtain feedback from clients.

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