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Below are the notable changes to the Procore + Viewpoint® Spectrum® integration in 2018.

Recent Changes

Job Template No Longer Required to Update Project (9/5/2018)

Updated the Procore + Spectrum integration so that when a project created in Procore is sent to the Company level ERP Integrations tool's 'Ready to Update' filter, it no longer requires a job template in order to be updated.

Added an 'ERP Integrations' Link Under 'Configurations' in the Budget Tool's Sidebar (8/27/2018)

If your company's Procore account has enabled the Company level Integrations tool, users with 'Read Only' level permission or higher to the ERP Integrations tool will now be able to click a new 'ERP Integrations' link under the 'Configurations' section of the Budget Tool's sidebar. This provides end users with quicker access to the ERP Integrations tool. 

New 'Send and Retrieve Budgets from ERP' Granular Permission (8/14/2018)

Added a new 'Send and Retrieve Budgets from ERP' granular permission. Previously, only users with 'Admin' level permission could perform this task. Now, privilege to perform this task can be granted to end users with 'Read Only' or 'Standard' level permission on the Budget tool. See Directory: New 'Send and Retrieve Budgets from ERP' Granular Permission for ERP Integrations.

Added ERP ID to Edit Contact Information Page (6/14/2018)

Updated the Company level Directory tool's Edit Contact Information page to add the 'ERP ID' field under Company Information. This is useful for correlating companies when your company's Procore account is integrated with one of the systems that can be integrations with Procore's Company level ERP Integrations tool. 

Enabled the Send to ERP Button in the New Project Creation Assistant (3/29/2018)

For users with permission to create projects in Procore, we've streamlined the experience by introducing the new Project Creation Assistant. With this new experience, you can now create projects consistently and efficiently across your company. Configure the project's toolbox, set up cost codes & cost types, add companies & people, and upload drawings & specifications in one continuous setup flow. See Portfolio: Introducing the Project Creation Assistant and Add a Procore Project to Spectrum.

Renamed the Change Orders Tab (3/26/2018)

Updated the Company level ERP Integrations tool to rename the 'Change Orders' subtab to the 'Commitment Change Orders' tab. In the future, Procore will be introducing the "Prime Contract Change Orders" tab, so the system needs to clarify that "Change Orders" tab is only for "Commitment Change Orders."

Updated ERP Icon Color Scheme (2/16/2018)
Updated 'Add Filter' in Companies Tab of Directory Tools To Reflect Cost Code Configuration (2/14/2018)
Updated Tooltip on 'Ready to Export' Page of Jobs Tab in ERP Integrations (2/12/2018)

Updated the 'Template' drop-down list on the 'Read to Export' page of the Jobs tab in the ERP Integrations tool so the tooltip now reads: "Select an existing Spectrum Job to supply the Division, Taxable Flag, Price Type, Customer, Cost Centers (if activated), and Customer fields for this export."