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What is Issue Capturing?

Issue Capturing lets you take screenshots that you can upload to the cloud. You can send them to Google Drive or OneDrive and bring them back into Navisworks as viewpoints. You can send them to BIM360 or ProCore as either an observation, RFI, or punch list item.

Why Use Issue Capturing?

Issue Capturing helps you keep track of any RFIs, Observations, or Punch lists, as well as take pictures of model collision/clashes.

How to Capture an Issue

Select the Issue Capture Icon. Tap ‘Start Capturing’ to enable screenshots to be taken. Clicking ‘Take Picture’ will take a picture and let you upload it. A pop up will appear to select where you would like to upload it.

Uploading Issue Captures to Procore

The following steps cover the process of uploading issue captures to Procore.

Link your Procore account to VisualLive

  1. In the VisualLive plugin. Click Account Settings.


  1. Click Procore and log in to your Procore account.


Upload an Issue Capture from HoloLive/MobiLive to Procore

  1. After taking an issue capture, the following panel pops up.


  1. Click the Procore icon to specify the upload target.
  2. Enter an Issue Name and Comment as needed.
  3. Specify the capture type - Issue, RFI, Observation, or Punch List.
  4. Click Upload.