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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I manage the integrations?

The FileBound integration to Procore will be managed by FileBound Solutions. All integrations are tailored to suit the end users business logic requirements in regards to data transfer and timing or transfers.

How can I learn how to use the integrations?

During the implementation of FileBound there is a discovery phase which outlines the integrations and capabilities of data transfer. These capabilities will then be mapped with the business logic requirement for the end users.

How can I run an integration?

In deployment of the integration between FileBound and Procore, the data transfer is automated at required timed events, however a manual override is available for users to run ad-hoc integrations.

How frequently do the integrations run?

The integration schedule is very flexible. You can set up specific integrations to run on almost any schedule, including hourly, daily, weekly, and more. Most commonly integrations are set to run at night. This is all documented during the discovery phases as part of the business logic requirements.

How do I know what the integrations have done?

The integrations between FileBound and Procore are a mixture of seamless and ‘status’ driven, also all integrations are linked to a business logic workflow so users will be presented with the results of integration as the ‘status’ is updated accordingly

Does my ‘Status’ always need to be "Send to Procore"?

No, all the business logic rules are identified at the beginning of project implementation where all the ‘status’ values are tailored to suit the business and the common method of internal communication.

What happens if the integration fails?

As FileBound and Procore are two different platforms connected via API there is a possibility that an integration may fail. In the event of this happening workflow logic will be used to notify users of the failure, also depending on the integration the FileBound support team will be automatically notified to ensure the integration integrity.

What if I have a customized integration?

Each deployment of the FileBound to Procore integration will be tailor or customised to suit the businesses requirements and workflow logic for payment processing. All data integration to Procore will be governed by the available of API endpoints within the Procore platform.