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File Sync for MS Teams

MS Teams + Procore = Integrated Documents

Automatically sync SharePoint and Procore documents in real time. SharePoint Two-Way Sync brings Microsoft’s enterprise-grade document libraries right into Procore, with two-way, real-time sync of folders and documents. When you update a folder in SharePoint, it updates in Procore. If you delete a folder in Procore, it deletes in SharePoint. This is a suite of integration web service API solutions that has security of both Procore and SharePoint. Licenses required.


  • Securely bridge your team that work in Procore with those who work in SharePoint.
  • Migrate your documents and data from SharePoint to Procore for rapid onboarding.
  • Office365 functionality with Procore; Mac compatible, MSOffice, OneDrive, document sync.

HingePoint Procore MS Teams Integration Solution Price Sheet 2019.pdf


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