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EarthCam Embedded


Increase your ROI with the #1 site camera solution. With EarthCam’s embedded app, you can add essential visual evidence to Procore’s image-ready Daily Log sections, including Weather, Notes, Equipment, Visitors, Deliveries, Safety Violations, Waste, and Daily Construction Reports.. Infuse the Procore platform with live webcam imagery to expedite many processes and stay on schedule. Monitor and document and your project in real-time all within the Procore dashboard. Add drone, 360° reality capture and other imagery to add value for clients.


  • Incorporate visual content for successful project management with the #1 site camera solution.
  • Add high-quality media to Manpower, Inspections, Accidents, Quantities, Dumpster, Photos, Delays, Plan Revisions and Productivity.
  • Provide clear visual evidence for RFIs, Observations, Coordination Issues and Change Events all within the Procore dashboard.


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