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Below are the notable changes to the Procore + DocuSign integration in 2018.

Export PDFs Now Include Signed PDFs from DocuSign (6/7/2018)

Updated the Project level Commitments & Prime Contracts tool for the Procore + DocuSign integration. Now, when a commitment or prime contract has been signed by all recipients, the Export PDF option will export the signed PDF of the contract and any attachments sent to DocuSign.

New Send to DocuSign Button in Billings Tab (6/1/2018)

Added a 'Send to DocuSign' button to the Billings tab of the Project level Commitments tool. Users can now select the checkboxes that correspond to the desired requisitions on this page and then click the button to send those requisitions in to DocuSign for electronic signatures.

Now Pre-Populating the Email Subject Field on DocuSign Envelope's Prepare Page (5/24/2018)

Implemented a change so that any Procore object (Prime Contract, Commitments, Requisitions, Pay Apps, Change Orders, Documents) with DocuSign integration will have the email subject field pre-populated with the object's title on the DocuSign Envelope prepare page.

Attach Non-PDF File Types to DocuSign Envelope (4/10/2018)

Added support so users now have the ability to attach non-PDF file types to the DocuSign Envelope when sending a Commitment, Prime Contract, Change Order, Payment Application, or Requisition to DocuSign for signature.

New 'Contract Signer' Field in the Directory Tool for DocuSign (3/22/2018) 

Updated the Company and Project level Directory tool to add a new Contract Signer drop-down list to the Create and Edit pages for company records. This new field appears in the General tab. When you select a person associated with the company from this drop-down field, the Procore + DocuSign integration will automatically populate with this person's name as a DocuSign signature recipient for contracts (i.e., the Commitments and Prime Contract tools) and change orders (i.e., Commitment Change Order, Prime Contract Change Order, and Prime Contract Potential Change Order). See DocuSign: New 'Contract Signer' Field in the Directory Tool.

Added a New 'Signed Change Order Received Date' Field To The Change Orders Tool (3/12/2018)

Updated the Project level Change Orders tool to add a new 'Signed Change Order Received Date' field for users with the Procore + DocuSign integration. This field is populated by the date the DocuSign envelope is completed  (i.e., Commitment Change Orders, Prime Contract Change Orders & Prime Potential Change Orders).

Added Notaries to DocuSign Alert Banner (3/6/2018)

Updated the BLUE DocuSign alert banner so that now, if a DocuSign envelope has recipients with notaries, the alert banner explicitly lists the signers and notaries as having Ball In Court responsibility.

Added the 'Signature' and 'Date Signed' Fields to DocuSign Envelope (2/16/2018)  
Status Changes to 'Approved' After Completed DocuSign Signature (2/14/2018)
Invoice Contact Now Populates DocuSign Envelopes for Requisitions (2/14/2018)
Now Setting Value in Executed Field to 'No' When User Clicks Withdraw (2/8/2018)
New Confirmation Messages for the Procore + DocuSign Integration (2/5/2018)
DocuSign Signature Completion Updates Change Order Status to 'Approved' (2/5/2018)
Added the Procore + DocuSign Integration to Requisitions (1/30/2018) 
Added the Procore + DocuSign Integration to Payment Applications (1/27/2018) 
Added 'Edit' Button To Procore + DocuSign Integration Banners (1/19/2018) 

Added a new 'Edit' Button on the Signature Pending and Signature Completed banners that display for end users who are using the Procore + DocuSign Integration (see DocuSign). When a user clicks this button, the system reveals the Edit page of the DocuSign envelope. Banners have been updated in the Commitments, Change Orders,  and Documents tools. See What do the different DocuSign banners in Procore mean?

Added New 'Sign with DocuSign' Checkbox To Approved Change Orders (1/18/2018)  

Added a new 'Sign with DocuSign' checkbox to 'Approved' Change Orders, Prime Contract Change Orders (PCCOs), and Prime Potential Change Orders (PPCOs). Placing a mark in this checkbox enables the 'Complete with DocuSign' button.