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Below are the notable changes to the Procore + DocuSign integration for 2017.

Added DocuSign Integration To Potential Change Orders (7/5/2017)  

Added the DocuSign Integration to Potential Change Orders on the Prime Contract. This integration will follow the same paradigm as contracts and change order packages. The only exception is that default roles will not be set because Procore's Potential Change Order default PDF does not include a signature line.

Added Ball In Court To DocuSign Pending Signature Banner (6/21/2017)   

Updated the DocuSign 'Pending Signature' banner to display names of the next signers (Ball in Court). This affects all tools with the DocuSign integration (Prime Contract, Commitments, Change Orders, and Documents).

Updated the DocuSign Integration To Send PDFs Attached to Procore Objects (6/14/2017)

Updated the Docusign integration so it now sends any PDFs attached to a Prime Contract, Commitment Contract, and Change Orders to DocuSign when the package is created (i.e., when a user clicks the  "Complete With Docusign" button).

The DocuSign Integration Now Saves Full Date and Time (5/23/2017)

Updated the DocuSign integration with the Project level Commitments tool so that it now saves the full date and time. This fixes the issue where dates had been affected by timezone differences.

DocuSign Integration Released (5/5/2017)

Procore's new DocuSign integration gives users the ability to sign any PDF document electronically from the project tools: Change Orders, Commitments, Documents, and Prime Contract.  This integration is available for users with a DocuSign account. If you are a Procore user and do not have a DocuSign account, visit the DocuSign Integration page at the Procore App Marketplace and click the Contact Us button at: