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Planning management software

Resource management software for construction.

Customers on the field have access to the platform through a mobile app (Android and iOS), including features to manage the assets working on jobsites and to send new requests.

People working at the office have a web access providing them with a global view on the assets allocation on jobsites and on future needs to allocate (with tools in the platform to help them doing so).



  • Construction workforce management and planning
  • Construction equipment management and planning
  • Equipment rental procurement

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Procore Tools and Permissions

  • Directory tool - standard permissions
  • Admin tool - Read Only permissions

Subscriptions and Licensing

  • A user licence is required to access Dispatcher platform. If the user email corresponds to a Procore account, Single Sign On connection will be available.
  • To activate the data synchronization between Procore and Dispatcher you need to get your Procore company ID and send a request to Dispatcher support (


Installation Instructions

  • Please contact Dispatcher by email at or through the contact form to finish the setup of the integration. Procore company ID would be required in order to sync data between Procore and Dispatcher.

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