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Add-on Service Products

Looking for additional help and resources?
Procore's Customer Success team is dedicated to the success of each client. We understand that each client has unique business needs, timelines, and challenges. As such, the following professional services may be purchased as optional, add-on service products to ensure that you are receiving the maximum benefit of the Procore platform and all of its features. 

Service Name Details Duration Cost
Implementation Manager Services Is your company onboarding a new region, project team, or division that needs implementation services? This service includes 30-day access to a named implementation manager, configuration and setup assistance, product consultations, virtual progress calls, metrics and ad hoc Q&A. 30 days $3,000
Implementation Extension
Need more time for implementation? This 30-day extension of Implementation Manager services can be leveraged in cases where current implementation extends beyond the typical timeframe. Includes up to 5 hours of virtual consultation and may be purchased for in-progress implementations only. 30 days $1,500
Consulting Services
Do you need additional training and guidance? Schedule 1:1 virtual consultations to help with strategic business planning, culture change management, Procore rollout and best practices for additional offices or staff. Includes up to 5 hours of additional access to Consultants and Strategic Advisors. Purchase 1 or more Consulting Service blocks, as needed. 12 months $1,000
On-site Training
Does your team prefer in-person training? No problem, we'll come to you! Fees based on number of days; travel expenses included in price. Includes up to 12 attendees per session. Dates must be booked at least 4 weeks in advance. Cancelation fees will apply. 12 months $3,500/day**
Custom Built Solutions Up to 5 hours of development time for custom forms and workflows. Purchase 1 or more Custom Built Solution blocks, as needed. 12 months $1,000
Custom Built Procore Reports Up to 5 hours of development time towards the build out of custom Procore reports within Procore's reporting tool. 12 months $1,000
Professional Services - Custom Do you have a special business requirement? Procore's Professional Services can help you meet special requirements for custom integrations and/or multi-phased implementations through a custom Statement of Work (SOW). SOW created and approved by both Procore and Client. SOW defines project scope, deliverables, cost, and delivery date. Varies Varies

** On-site Training applies to U.S., Canada, and Australia. All travel outside of these regions must be approved by manager and will have custom pricing.

Note: All service descriptions and prices are subject to change without notice. Last updated December 23, 2016.

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