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Release Notes

Below are notable changes to Procore for iOS.

Recent Changes

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9.14 (4/17/2018)
  • It's easier than ever to find your Drawings with a quick-scroll bar for Disciplines, Recent Searches, and more!
  • Timesheets now has a project-level "Labor Budget to Actual" report that shows the comparison of labor hours to budgeted hours for each cost code.
  • You can now add comments to Photos using the new Feed View filter.```
9.13 (4/9/2018)
  • It's finally here. You can now add a user to the Directory on Mobile!
  • Photos tool now has a feed filter showing current photos and information. 
  • Inspection Sections can now be hidden and collapsed
  • You can now download Submittals on demand.
  • Schedule Tool list and details views have been redesigned.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.12 (4/2/2018)
  • Change Events tool is now redesigned!
  • Submittals tool has also been redesigned! 
  • Added support for custom response options for Inspection items.
  • The Submittals filter now defaults to only current revisions.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.11 (3/26/2018)
  • Meetings detail views have been redesigned!
  • You can now make freehand measurements on Drawings.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.10 (3/19/2018)
  • The list views for both RFI and the Meetings tool have been completely redesigned! 
  • Observations tool now allows you to select from templates to make it even easier to create a new Observation.
  • Photos now allows you to add and edit locations attached to your photos.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.

9.9 (3/12/2018)

  • Fixed: An issue in the Directory tool where calls were not being tracked in the Call Log in Daily Logs.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.8 (3/7/2018)
  • Brand new look for the RFI tool when viewing all entries!
  • Replying to an RFI now supports multiple attachments, multiple attachment types and drag and drop.
  • Redesigned Directory tool.
  • You can now create Observation items from predefined templates, which can be configured at the Company and Project level Admin tool. 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.7 (2/27/2018)
  • Now you can upload Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents and Power Point files to the Documents tool.
  • You can now share a snapshot of your drawing comparison.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.6 (2/14/2018)
  • New and improved Inspections Tool with faster and easier status updates!
  • Now you can filter RFIs and Submittals by Responsible Contractor.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.5 (2/6/
  • New and enhanced tool list that now displays tools in a easy to use thumbnail view.
  • Added "User Guides" link in settings under Support and Feedback. This link will give you tool overviews, product features and tutorials. 
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.4 (1/30/2018)
  • Now you can upload Documents through the Documents tool!
  • You can also sync a Document to your device to use offline. To do this tap the download icon next to a document in the Documents tool.
  • Observations now allow you to enter root causes: Hazard, Contributing Behavior, Contributing Condition. 
  • We now respect granular permissions in Punch for users to respond to entries that are within the same company.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.3 (1/18/2018) 
  • We now support multitasking and drag-and-drop for documents and photos on iPad! Now you can bring up Mail next to Procore and drag a PDF into the Documents tool.
  • Batch Comparison: Now you can swipe to the next drawing in Comparison mode to quickly see the changes on all of the drawings in a new set.
  • As always, bug fixes and performance improvements.
9.2 (1/17/2018) 
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

9.1 (1/9/2018) 
  • We've added the Crews tool, for on-site management of labor resources.

  • You can now create Timesheets using the Crews tool.

9.0 (1/2/2018) 
  • This version requires iOS 10 or later

  • Timesheet creating now has a configuration that allows any employee from company to be selected.

All Changes

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