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Release Notes

Below are the notable changes to the Project level Submittals tool. 

Recent Changes

Updated Bulk Action > Editing In Submittals Tool (3/9/2017)

Updated the Bulk Action > Edit options for the Submittals tool to add the 'Submittal Manager', 'Received From', and 'Private' fields. The Received From field interacts with 'Responsible Contractor' in the same fashion as the create and edit pages. If Received From is selected, Responsible Contractor will default to the company of the Received From selection. If Responsible Contractor is selected, Received From becomes limited to people from that company. See Perform Bulk Actions on Submittals

Removed 'Edit Response' Button From 'Draft' Submittals (2/15/2017)

Updated the Submittals Tool' to remove the 'Edit Response' link from the Approver Workflow table. This change affects non-Admin users when a Submittal is in the 'Draft' status..

Updated 'Submittal Workflow' Text On 'Bulk Edit Submittals In A Package' (2/8/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool's 'Bulk Edit Submittals in Package' page (i.e., click the Packages view, click View, then click the Bulk Edit Submittals button) to change the phrasing of the 'Submittal Workflow' text to better explain why the checkbox is would be in a grayed out and unavailable state.

Outgoing Email Now Lists Submitter And Approvers (2/4/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool to change the email that is sent when a user clicks 'Create and Send Email' (for sequential approval). Now, the outgoing email notification will separately list the 'Submitter' from the 'Approvers'.

Modified Display Of Paperclip Icon On Attachments In Submittal Revisions (1/31/2017)

Previously when a user created a submittal revision, and the original version had an attachment, the new revision also showed the paperclip icon in the attachment column, even though an attachment had not yet been added to the revision. Now, the paperclip icon no longer appears, unless an attachment has been added to the revision. See Create a Submittal Revision.

Redirect User To Submittal Show Page After Recycle Bin Retrieval (1/31/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool so that if a submittal is sent to the Recycle Bin and then retrieved from the bin, the user will now be directed to the submittal's show page so they can edit it. See Retrieve a Submittal from the Recycle Bin

Distribution Wizard Now Shows Special Characters In Titles (1/18/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool so that the page titles (which shows the submittal title) on the Ready to Distribute and Distribute pages will now display special characters, instead of the character codes and diacritics.

Individual Submittal PDF Now Shows 'Submittal Manager' Field (1/13/2017)

Replaced the 'Submittal Creator' field with the 'Submittal Manager' field in the PDF file that is exported when a user clicks the 'Export Data As' PDF button when viewing an individual submittal. 

Fixed Issue With Error Banner When Deleting A Custom Submittal Response (1/10/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool to fix an issue where deleting a custom submittal response incorrectly led to an error banner appearing. This issue has been fixed.

Create Up To Twelve Custom Submittal Responses (1/10/2017)

Updated the Submittals tool to provide users with more flexibility when configuring customized submittals responses. Users with 'Admin' level permission can now click 'Configure Submittals Settings' link. Under 'Submittal Response Configuration', users can now click an 'Add New' link to add multiple responses to use in place of the existing default responses. See Create Custom Submittal Responses

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