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Change Events: New Progress View

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Feature Released: January 24, 2023


Change Events Progress View

Select the new Progress view in Change Events to find bottlenecks, follow up with the right people, and manage change faster. You’ll see how the values for change event line items connect to Revenue-side Change Orders, Cost-side commitments, or Internal Budget Changes (Transfers) required for approval. 

  • View the change order tier associated with the change event line item.

  • Quickly and easily identify risk with insights into change event line items.

  • Mitigate financial risk with minimal configuration with the new Procore standard view.

What's New

Line Item Aging

Change event line items will have new date fields to display the overall age of a change, and the length of time in their current status. These line items will stop aging only once the Change Event is closed.

Stage & Days in Stage

Gain understanding about how long a Change Object has been outstanding and how long it took to approve or reject.  The latest cost and latest price field values are labeled with their corresponding stage or change object (e.g., RFQ, CCO, PCO, PCCO, etc...).

Stage Status & In Status Since

View the status and last updated date when the change event line item connects with change orders, RFQs, or budget changes.

Change Event Filters & Configurable Columns

  • Column Configuration

  • Filtering

Enhanced Reporting & Company Level Saved Views

13 new columns are available in both Enhanced Reporting, as well as in the Company Level Configurable Views for the Change Events List View.

  • Revenue - Source

  • Revenue - Days in Source

  • Revenue - Source Status

  • Revenue - In Status Since

  • Cost - Source

  • Cost - Days in Source

  • Cost - Source Status

  • Cost - In Status Since

  • Budget - Source

  • Budget - Days in Source

  • Budget - Source Status

  • Budget - In Status Since

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