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Procore + Quickbooks: Exporting Procore Invoices to QuickBooks (Beta)

This announcement represents a single point in time. Future releases may impact the information below.
Beta Released: October 15, 2018  /  Updated: November 19, 2018


Beta Program: Exporting Procore Invoices to QuickBooks

Procore is announcing an upcoming Export Procore Invoices to QuickBooks beta program, which will be made available to a limited number of Procore + QuickBooks users who sign up to participate.  This feature lets your project users eliminate double-entry and save time by allowing invoices created in Procore's Commitments tool to be exported to your company's integrated QuickBooks system.  


  • Save time and eliminate double-entry of invoices.

  • Allow ERP-integrated projects to keep invoices in QuickBooks synced with Procore using  the ERP Integrations tool

How do I sign up for the beta program? 

To sign up for the Beta Program, you must be your company's Procore Administrator. Simply send an email request to

How does the new feature work? 

To learn how to export Procore invoices to QuickBooks, review these support articles:


How do I submit feedback as a beta program participant?

After you are confirmed as a beta program participant, please submit any questions or feedback about the next export invoice features to

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