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Request to Add Standard Cost Types integrated with Yardi Voyager®


To add integrated Standard Cost Types to your Procore account so users can use those cost types on projects integrated with Yardi Voyager®. 


Projects integrated with Yardi Voyager® require the use of cost codes and cost types which come from the company-level lists of Yardi Voyager® standard cost codes and Yardi Voyager® standard cost types. Cost types map back to the cost code in Yardi Voyager®.

Your Procore integration implementation specialist should set up an initial list of Yardi Voyager® standard cost types for you. However, you may need to add to that list as your use of cost codes in Yardi Voyager® changes over time; if you want new cost codes from Yardi Voyager® to appear in the list of Yardi Voyager® standard cost types in Procore, they will need to be added manually. Those manual steps must be performed with the help of your Procore point of contact.

Things to Consider

  • Required User Permission:
    • Company level 'Admin' permission to Procore
  • Additional Information:
    • Procore's ERP Integrations option currently supports the Yardi Voyager® solution.
    • Your Procore point of contact must enable the ERP Integrations tool for your company. 


  1. Call or email your Procore point of contact to learn how to add new cost codes from Yardi Voyager® to your Procore list of Yardi Voyager® standard cost types.
  2. Provide your Procore point of contact with the details of the new Yardi Voyager® cost codes to be added, including:
    • An abbreviation for the Yardi Voyager® cost code. This must match exactly how the cost code appears in the budget of your jobs in Yardi Voyager®.
    • name for the Procore standard cost type. This will be the display name in Procore.
    • type for the Procore standard cost type. This provides an additional level of categorization for the cost type. Options include: equipment; materials; commitments; owner cost; professional services; and other.