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Integration by Ryvit: Unlink a Viewpoint® Vista™ Vendor


To sever the connection between vendor records synced in Procore and the Integration by Ryvit.


When vendor records are synced between Procore and Integration by Ryvit, a connection is created between the two records to ensure any updates you make are synchronized between the two systems. Unlinking a vendor severs a record's connection between two systems. You will no longer be able to sync updates between the systems unless they are linked again. 

Things to Consider  


  1. Navigate to the company's ERP Integrations tool.
  2. Click Vendors.
  3. Under Filters, click Synced.
  4. Locate the company/vendor record to unlink.
  5. Click Unlink.

The Integration by Ryvit is the product of a partnership between Procore and Ryvit, a third-party developer. Viewpoint, Inc. is not affiliated with this connector. All Viewpoint® Vista™ marks and logos are owned by Viewpoint, Inc.