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Weekly Report




What Are Weekly Reports?

  • Weekly reports are a tool for the GC to communicate all facets of the construction project to the owner, design team, and Brinkmann project team in one quick, easily-digestible report.
  • Weekly reports generally contain a snapshot of all pertinent information related to preconstruction, course of construction, and post-construction (closeout) activities for the project.
  • Brinkmanns weekly report is generally done on Microsoft Word or Excel. Templates for weekly reports can be located within the "Reports" folder under the Documents Tool of each project in Procore.

Types of Weekly Reports:

  • Preconstruction: Used prior to starting construction on site. Often the preconstruction report contains hot list items, permit tracking, submittal log information, procurement information, and other important items to be shared with the team during the preconstruction phase.
  • Construction: Used during the actual course of construction of a project.  Often includes weather conditions, hot list items, activities completed and upcoming, RFI status, CCD log, change order information, project photos, progress tracking information, etc.
  • Post-Construction/Closeout: This report is used after the project has been, or is about to be, turned over to the owner. This report often includes open items, punch list tracking, closeout document tracking, etc.

Information to Include

Each project has specific requirements on what should be included in the weekly report.  Additionally, although a general template is provided (in the "Reports" folder of the Documents Tool of the project) , some projects or owners require a specific format and/or document to be used for the project.

The items included on the Brinkmann standard template are as follows:

  • Weekly weather report
  • Schedule summary
  • Work in Progress/Completed
  • Upcoming Work
  • Submittal Log Highlights
  • RFI Log Highlights
  • Quality Control Information
  • Pay Application Summary
  • Pending Change Orders
  • Owner Items/Issues
  • Weekly Photos
  • Comments

Other items that are not a part of the standard template, but are often added as needed includes:

  • Manpower tracking
  • CPM Schedule Overview

Helpful Information

The weekly report is project specific, and each owner could have their own set of requests or requirements.  A successful weekly report is one that walks the delicate balance of providing the owner with the exact amount of information - not an overwhelming list of unnecessary details, or an incomplete list of missing data.

Some helpful tips or information you should consider providing are:

Ball In Court: Providing a list of who's responsible for the particular item is both informative and useful to accomplish completing the task. It holds each project or design team member accountable for their work load, and puts the responsibility back into their court to complete.

Progress Tracking: Listing information weekly on the status of key items for the project not only benefits the project by keeping the owner informed, but provides an internal paper trail for items as needed in the future.

Photo Captions: Although a seemingly small process, correctly captioning each photo is crucial in the larger scheme.  

Removing Items: In order to keep the weekly reports effectiveness and efficiency in place, it is important to remove items that are completed. Generally, once an item has been completed 2-3 weeks, it can be removed from the list.


Daily logs "paint the picture" of the jobsite for any given day during the course of the project.  However the weekly report provides an overall glance of the project status for the owner, or any other pertinent party without getting too "into the weeds".

The weekly reports allow Brinkmann to relay detailed project information in specific categories as needed to clients and become an executive level 'story' of the project as it advances.


The engineer is responsible for creating, formatting, and sending weekly reports no later than end of day each Friday.  However, managers are responsible to review the format and content for accuracy before issued.

All information shown on the weekly report must be 100% accurate, and consistent with the information that is reflected on schedules, logs, and other correspondence with the subcontractors and owners.

  • Always think of "how you want to tell the story" for your project when building your weekly report. It should be easy to follow, and tell the highlights of the project under construction.
  • Do not wait until the last second to compile and submit the weekly report. As jobsite activities change, so does the amount of content listed in the weekly report. Delaying starting your report on a week with a lot of on site activity and deadlines, then throwing it together at the last second is not an option.