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Superintendent - SWD's

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SWD's are managed through the Forms Tool of Procore on your iPad.  The information shown below is the Operational approach for them.  Before reading the information below, please click HERE for details on the required settings for the Tool and Brinkmann Standards.


What are SWD's?

Special Work Directives (SWD’s) are a form that the superintendent should only use when there is a change in the contract scope of work for a subcontractor performing work. Purchase Orders are only to be used when purchasing materials or equipment. (Reference section: Documenting Procedures – Purchase Orders).

SWD’s are for verification of labor hours, tools and equipment, not for verification of cost.  All material costs are to be relayed on these forms.


Brinkman Standard Items

It is important to communicate with the project manager before any SWD’s are issued to a subcontractor. It is imperative to fully understand and read each subcontract for each subcontractor.

Brinkmann superintendents are not to sign any subcontractors extra work tickets for any reason, period! This is covered prior to the subcontractor starting work in the precon form as well as buy-out. Your signature on the SWD when submitted is the signature that will be documented.

It may be warranted to use SWD’s to track overtime or any supplemental work. Prior to this taking place detailed conversations with the project manager, subcontractor and superintendent need to take place to ensure all procedures are followed and tracked accordingly.

Submit SWD’s immediately after work is complete for the project manager and subcontractor to process change orders, etc. 

SWD’s can also be used for backcharges. Discuss this process with the project manager prior to SWD backcharges related to subcontractor or sub-subcontractor.

The SWD process is handled in the same “Forms” tool in Procore that Field PO’s are created. Similar to the purchase orders, a description of the scope of work (reason for SWD) needs to be explained in detail and a clear, legible photo of the subcontractors extra ticket is to be attached. Forms are submitted to the subcontractor’s office staff, Brinkmann project manager, and the project engineer. At the beginning of the project it should be discussed and decided if the project assistant is to be copied on these forms.