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Superintendent - Daily Logs

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Daily Logs are managed through the Procore Tool on your iPad.  The information shown below is the Operational approach for completing Daily Logs.  For details on the required settings for the Daily Log Tool and Brinkmann Standards, please refer to this page: Daily Logs in Procore.


What Are Daily Logs?

One of the most important roles as a superintendent is creating daily logs. The daily log tells the professional story of important events that happen each day. [Note that the daily logs can be used later in legal mediation or lawsuits.]  Daily Logs are to be done DAILY.

How do I Complete Daily Logs?

Daily logs are to be created in the Procore app on the iPad

Daily logs are to be documented throughout the day and submitted at the end of business to:

  • The Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
  • Safety Director
  • Operations Director
  • Please verify with the project director any additional employees that should be added to the default distribution list.

This default distribution list can be set within Procore web application, under the Daily Logs tool, click the gear setting, and add each person. Do NOT select the “Add All” button.

What should my daily log include?

Daily logs shall include:

  • Weather Conditions: The weather conditions will auto populate using the NOAA database for the project. Any side commentary on weather or conditions affecting work can be added in the tool or placed in the “Notes” section.  If your weather is not auto populating for your project, please contact your project Admin.
  • Notes: Problems and Comments: List important events and conversations that are important for future reference. This section is important to list the good, bad, and the ugly in a professional manner knowing that everything listed can be potentially used in court later. State unbiased, without opinions or prejudice statements to document any information and explain the story of what happened.
  • Manpower: This is where each specific company/subcontractor is listed and their respective position/title (i.e., foreman, laborer, etc.). Under each company, state in detail what work they did that day including location and operations.
  • Equipment: List on site equipment that day for each company. If Brinkmann has equipment on site it must be listed whether used or stored. Items must be listed in daily logs for accounting tracking purposes.
  • Visitors: Including, but not limited to; office staff visits, inspectors, owners, clients, CM’s, and subcontractor office staff.
  • Deliveries: Include material, Brinkmann and/or subcontractor and vendor equipment, dumpsters, concrete, rock/soil, asphalt, etc.
  • Photos: Photos should be taken, captioned, and documented throughout the day and tied to each daily log. They should show specific issues or document corrections made. A minimum of twelve (12) photos should be attached to each daily log.

Note that all photos for a project should be private by default, and therefore restrictions on who has access is in place. To revise these restrictions or settings please contact Julie Kerns or Miranda Hill