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Project Closeout

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Start the Process Early!

  • Get warranty letter, O&M manuals, closeout docs with submittals (while subs are still committed)
  • Track closeout in the submittal log:
    • Get your PA to assist with collecting warranty and organizing black closeout binders if you are not doing this process all digitally,
    • Closeout information should be track with Status Report - signed contract, COI, etc...
    • Communicate with subcontractors. This will help getting retention released quicker.
    • Communicate early with the owner on what they are going to want.
      • Hard copies vs. digital? If so, how many copies?
      • Videos and training should be spelled out in the spec book. If not, ask owner what they prefer.
        • Get all videos done during the testing/start-up process.
      • Attic Stock




  • Do not wait until the end of a job to clean up CCD's and change orders.
    • Do not give the owner ammo for negotiations - review with director
  • Do not wait until the end of a job to clean up change orders with subcontractors
    • Issue change orders and/or work out disagreements prior to completion. This only serves to hold up retention
  • Job Cost - Zero Out
    • Discuss with director any outstanding issues/potential callbacks.


Owner/Client Closure

  • Last thing they will remember is the closeout process
  • Manage expectations of client/tenant/operator/vendor
  • Meet with each early in the process to understand their needs and expectations
  • Owners/Vendors may have items that could hold up TCO or COO - we need to manage that process and hold them accountable for dates/installations.


Site/Field Close Out

  • Push completion lists and punch lists for 100% completion
  • Final testing/documentation is completed
  • Trailer removal
  • Compile as-builts (MSD/Sewer)
  • Occupancy meetings with AHJ's early
    • Meet with any/all entities (City, County, State, Life Safety, Health Officials, etc.)
  • Transfer utilities to owners name if they are in Brinkmann's name
    • Try to set up in owners name to begin with


Post Mortem Report

  • Start Process EARLY
    • Should start a log during construction so PISERS (Problems Identified So Everyone Remembers) can be accurately recorded. Do not wait until the end of the project or you will forget details.
  • Every project should create a Post Mortem (if if not being presented in training). Lessons Learned are too important not to pass along.
  • Unit Cost Sheets - Should not be completing during closeout/post mortem. Unit cost sheets should be completed during buyout and during early construction process. Shoot for all unit costs from subcontractors by first pay draw.

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Project Set Up & Closeout Recording - Colorado