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OSHA Inspections

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It is important to be prepared for the time an OSHA Inspector visits your site.  Below are the steps to be followed when those visits occur:

  1. Restrict admittance until management personnel are on site. Bring the Compliance Officer (CSHO) into the trailer and have Brinkmann’s Safety Manual ready to present.
  2. Always have a Brinkmann representative present with CSHO.
  3. Determine the reason for the inspection. (Complaint, Programmed, Drive By) If it is a complaint, obtain a copy of the complaint.
  4. Call the Safety Department immediately to ensure all procedures and documentation are properly followed.
    Tim Myatt - (314) 575-8443
    Ethan Harris – (314) 349-7011
    Jesus Apadoca – (303) 408-3665
  5. Limit the scope of an inspection if possible.
  6. Take notes ad keep a detailed activity log.
  7. Take the same photographs and videos as the OSHA inspector.
  8. Document and correct any observations made by CSHO.
  9. Treat the CSHO with respect and professionalism.