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What is Concur

  • The online platform integrating expense reporting, credit card coding and miscellaneous job, and overhead invoices (non-subcontractor invoices) into a single system. By combining these functions, you will be able to code, submit, and approve using the same tool from virtually anywhere..

FAQ's regarding Concur

  • You can access Concur in multiple ways:
    • By accessing the following website:
    • By clicking on the Concur icon on your desktop
    • By clicking on the Concur tile on the Sharepoint home page
    • By using the mobile app
  • When you login to Concur, you can use the SSO option or manually enter your password. Your login ID and initial password were sent in previous training materials. If you need assistance, please reach out to a member of the accounting team.
  • For security reasons, please update your password. This can be most easily accomplished by clicking the “Forgot Password” link when logging into Concur.
  • Verify your company email address under “Profile Settings” when logged into Concur.
  • Credit card receipts should no longer be sent into alternate email address (, etc)
  • Submit out-of-pocket and corporate credit card transactions on separate reports and do not create out-of-pocket expenses for corporate credit card transactions.
  • Shared service locations should be used in Concur when applicable (please see the job aids linked below for further instructions or reach out to accounting with any questions).

Who can I contact with questions?

Job Aid Documents