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Check Set

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What is a Check Set

  • A Brinkmann internal review of the drawings

  • When completed you should know the drawings better than the architect


Why are Check Sets Important

  • Helps in the generating of estimates and bid tabs.  Which can then help the buyout process.
  • Identifies errors in the drawings before work begins.
  • Is an important part of the VE (Value Engineering) process.

Things to Remember when completing a check set

  • Don't be afraid to mark something that isn't clear to you or that you don't understand.
  • Schedule a time to review your check set with your manager
  • Presenting a check set and VE to an Architect or Engineer is a delicate process.
  • Find the process that works for your
  • Go into the check set process with the mindset that there has to be a better way.  If you're not looking for it - you won't find it.


How do you perform a check set?

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  • Start at the front of the plans.
  • Read and understand all general notes
  • Follow details through entire drawing set
  • Follow and check references
  • Don't forget partition types, door schedule, and finish schedules.
  • Make sure specifications and drawings agree with each other
  • Identify areas that need further explanation from architect
  • Go into review with the idea that there is an error
  • Be on the looking for potential VE items
  • Build your bid tab/estimate form as you go

Let's look at some samples:


Check Set Training Sample2.png


Check Set Review Plans