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Progress billing is managed in Viewpoint (Vista).  

Please contact the IT Department with access issues.


First Steps

  1. Click on Job Billing, click on JB Progress Bill Initialize.
  2. Type in your bill month
  3. Select Contract Range
  4. Contract Number
  5. Invoice Date
  6. Beginning and ending bill date
  7. Skip Assign Invoice Numbers
  8. Click Initialize Bill




From the Progress Billing Screen:

  1. Select Bill Month
  2. Type an "N" (New) in the Bill Number
  3. Invoice number should the "Job Number - Pay App Number"
    • (Example: Job 661, App 8 would read "661-8")
  4. Contract - Job Number
  5. The balance of the information should fill in automatically. CHECK YOUR DATES.
  6. Status should be "ACTIVE"
  7. Confirm dates and if you need to override the bill address you would do it here.  Otherwise it goes to the "Customer"
  8. Click on the Items tab (bottom).


  1. When doing a new bill all totals will move over.  You will see costs posted from accounting tot he line items you directed each phase to.
  2. Fill in the items you actually want billed.
  3. Once finished, click on Options, Reports, JB Application for Payment