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Safety Orientation Videos

 2018 Safety Orientation:

  2. 1) Each employee must watch the orientation video and input answers to the quiz by themselves
  3. 2) Before you can watch the video below, You must input both your first and last name in the "Name" field and your company email or company name in the "E-mail" field. (you must watch the entire video and answer all the quiz questions in order for your information to be recorded in our system)
  4. 3) After completing the quiz, please read and sign the Online Orientation Form and return to the designated person at your company.
  6. All signed orientation forms need to be emailed to along with the online orientation company affidavit form filled out and signed by a company officer. Once received, the ANDRES safety team will review for completion and mail hard hat stickers to the subcontractors main office that show that the employee has completed orientation for the current year. With this orientation, each employee will only need to check into the project office to sign in and receive a project specific hard hat sticker with identification number. Orientation will be good on ALL ANDRES projects from Jan 1st to Dec 31st of the year written on the sticker.
  8. Online Orientation Form: ,@api,deki,files,48172,Online_Orientation_(2018).pdf
  9. Online Orientation Company Affidavit: @api,deki,files,48173,Online_Orientation_Company_Affidavit_(2018).pdf 




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