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Prepare Cost Codes for Import to the Procore Imports App


To properly format your cost codes for import.


You can use the Procore Imports App to self-import your cost codes in bulk to your company's Admin tool. This will add as many cost codes to your company as you need without having to manually add each cost code in Procore.

Things to Consider


Download the Cost Codes Import Template

  1. Open the Procore Imports App.
  2. Select the company you want to import cost codes into.
  3. Under 'Cost Codes', click Add New Cost Codes
  4. Click Save & Open Blank Template to download and save a cost codes import template to your local device.

Format the Cost Codes Import Template

  1. Complete the import template.
    Note: To learn more about filling out the import templates, see Import Multi-Level Cost Codes to the Company Admin Tool.

    cost codes 1-3.jpg
    cost codes 4-5.jpg
    • See below considerations when filling out the template.
      • Cost Code Structure:
        • Procore supports up to five (5) cost code levels.
          Important! In order to support a cost code structure three (3) or more levels, the Project level Budget tool must also be configured to use the (Multi-Level) Procore Standard Budget view, instead of the Procore Standard Budget View. See Set Up a Multi-Level Budget View.
      • XLSX File Requirements:
        • For general formatting considerations, see How do I prepare my data for import into Procore?
        • The XLSX file must be formatted as a table. 
        • The first line of the table must include the header, which defines the fields in the table.
        • The table in cost code import template must contain the following header row:
          • Three (3) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3, and Description.
          • Four (4) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3Cost Code Level 4,  and Description.
          • Five (5) LevelCost Code Level 1Cost Code Level 2Cost Code Level 3Cost Code Level 4,  Cost Code Level 5, and Description.

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